I have a resolution, sort of… to try to make more connections with people. To make friends in real life. To be more social, I guess.

Not really resolutions (because I think if you’re willing to change something, you’ll do it when the time is right and you’re ready for it, not because there’s a specific date to be observed on your calendar).
But! Things I’m looking forward to, this spring already.

  • Will finally be getting my desired back tattoo :3 and maybe a couple more piercings, but we’ll see about that
  • Will assemble myself a nifty nice, shiny new PC and start a telecourse after which I’ll be a Multimedia Designer! (provided I finish it)
  • Will finally get my driver’s license… hopefully -cough- (already failed the practical test twice… stop- signs and tempo limits are SO overrated >:O)
    Fun stuff!

Transferring to a new college this semester, going to a university in Japan over summer, may be moving into a place with a friend or two. The year looks promising :slight_smile:

I think my brother resolved to try and be a vegetarian. I can’t really fathom why, except that he doesn’t seem to know what is meat and what is not. This morning he was eating bacon and eggs with a side of potatoes.

Ah, the fruit of the widely known bacon tree. A good choice to start off with!

That’s not really a resolution

Your resolution should be to have a better Japan trip than Charlemagne

Though that’s not really a resolution either cause it’d be literally impossible not to

I’ve been that kind of vegeterian all my life.

I wish a Happy New Year to everyone here, and best of luck with your resolutions.

As for me, I want to work for Goldman Sachs and eventually buy some small country…
Latvia and Lithuania look affordable. :wink:

If you buy Latvia, I have in mind plenty of places to manage. Applications in mail?

I thought it was common knowledge that all punk bands not only turn to shit, but begin compulsively lying after their third or fourth album? Punk bands are basically like marriages: they make it, at best, about seven years before they turn into a web of apathy and lies so miserable to be around one doesn’t even want to imagine how miserable it is to be a part of.

My New Years Resolution:

Two chicks at once.