In the game final Fantasy 2 i dont get the leverling in it, how do you know how much exp you need to gain a level?

You don’t level in that game. You need to boost each stat individually…for example, HP is gained by recieving damage.

And the thing is, that’s not the hard part for me, I can’t find the way to the next town and the pcitures are gone from that section of the walkthrough? AHH! I’m helpless and pathetic!

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You need to boost each stat individually…for example, HP is gained by recieving damage.

Just extending on that, to level each stat you need to do what the stat is. Basically to level up:
[li]strength, just ‘attack’,
[/li][li]magic, use ‘magic’,
[/li][li]defense get ‘hit by normal attacks’,
[/li][li]magic defense, get ‘hit my spells’.


I really don’t like the not leveling up part of the game. it confuses me:hmm:

I wouldn’t really say it is confusing, probably more annoying than anything else, but then I have not played it.

It is extremely annoying. It’s my main complaint about the game. That and it being extremely short in my opinion. FF1 was longer I think.

wow i thought i was the only one…hehe

Somethign els i observed is using white magic raises spirit, and black magic raises magic… or INT… cant remember the stat name…

Here’s how to raise stats:

Attacking raises Strength
Getting hurt raises Max HP
Using White Magic raises Spirit
Using Black Magic raises Intelligence
Using MP raises Max MP
Attacking with weapons raises Accuracy
Being targetted by physical attacks raises Evasion and Agility
Being targetted by magic/special attacks raises Magic Defense

As your strength increases, your intelligence decreases
As your intelligence increases, your endurace decreases
As your spirit increases, your strength decreases.

…And your proficiency with each individual magic spell is raised by casting said magic spell, either in or out of combat…

…Weapon (and shield) proficiencies work the same way…

Actually, I don’t knock the FF2 leveling up system for its design (in theory, I think it’s a great system to be honest), but rather how slow and tedious a process it is in practice while playing FF2.

The trouble is, when you run out of MP and only have one ether left (never use your last ether, even if your life depends on it, never use your last anything if its limited for that matter) and you have to use physical attacks with the person you wanna be the mage. Your intelligence starts decreasing and it annoys.