So, yeah. Posting from a campus computer again.

EDIT: k, who designed Dell’s brilliant search engine, which apparently searches “related products” so that I get damn near everything with either “hard drive” or “600m” when I put that into the search bar?


…and keeps repeating a result?

Uh, why wouldn’t you just search a regular online retailer like newegg for your new drive? It’d probably be cheaper than Dell.

Edit: nm

Yeah, he’s right:P

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Main reason is, I wanna be sure it’d work for my particular laptop. I’m not even entirely sure another manufacturer’s HD would be the right shape. And newegg doesn’t even have anything made by Dell.

If it’s any kind of modern laptop, it’ll use a standard 2.5" hard drive. Dell is no exception. Sometimes Dell (and other manufacturers) put a little adapter on the pins on the hard drive so that it’ll connect to the computer, but you can remove that adapter from the old hard drive and put it on the new one.

The reason that Newegg and other sites don’t carry Dell branded parts is two fold:

  1. Dell only sells direct, and never sells through retailers like Best Buy or Circuit City. This supposedly keeps their prices down (though their prices are slightly higher than other computer manufacturers these days), and it keeps their tech support centralized (which has been getting incredibly low ratings lately).
  2. Dell sucks. :smiley: (My opinion, of course, if you couldn’t tell from that last bullet point :D)

Yeah, but the way technology’s progressing, does “2004” count as modern? :wink:

But anyway, yeah, thanks for the tip.