Its so cute… and yet so sad that it died… it lived one day…

poor kitty ;.;

Poor little cy-kitty. :frowning: I’d totally have adopted it, if it had lived longer. So cute. And imagine the reactions of guests.

Although very cute, it is creepy too. Just stare at its eye for like 1 minute.

I agree. Imagine waking up and seeing that eye stare at you as the cat mews for food while standing on your body. I’d probably scream every single day. And save hundreds on coffee.

I would have adopted it too. ;.; My first creepy pet. I wonder what caused its misshapen nes/ genetic defect/ blah.

This is sad… It’s never exactly pleasant when such tiny creatures die.

Geez… that’s disturbingly cute. For some reason.


…I don’t find that cute, I find that disturbing! Very disturbing!

That would make a good avatar.

I didn’t know that was a kitten at first. A bit too creepy for me to think cute.

So does the one eye thing give that kitten an exception to the whole “eyes don’t open at birth” thing?

I have a pic of another one, mummified and with a much larger eye at home.

Cyclopia is a condition caused by a disease called Syndrome of Patau. It happens in humans too. In our case, it comes up when you have an extra chromossome of the 13th pair.

It looks like some kinda monkey. Or a Morlock.

I’m sad that the kitten died…now I’m going to go throw up…

Was the kittens death caused by it’s condition, or was it unrelated? Or do they even know?

That is hella freaky and scary. It died because it was the work of the devil! >:O And it’s going back to hell where it belongs!

I don’t want to sound cold hearted or anything, but I’m glad that the cyclops kitten died. Living without the ability to smell would suck big time, especially for a cat.

Cyclopia is a fatal case.

Not everyone who’s got Patau has cyclopia, only a minority. But among the rest, many die in their first hours as well.