I don’t quite know what to say.


"Ohoho, those crazy Japanese’ would be a good start. At leat the DS’ capabilities are… er… being put to a good use?

There’s been worse. :wink: Bizarre it undoubtedly is, at least it’s original. Let’s hope for no prostrate examinations, though :-/

Wonder if there’s a specialty for gynecology. >.>

Oh, god…

Katamari Damacy is still the craziest, and weirdest >_>;;

This isn’t even nearly as odd as they can go, believe me.

For the longest time I thought it was going to turn out to be a hentai game. Those screenshots at the bottom of the first page compounded my belief. Then I saw the first image to load up on the second page was that old woman. Man I was scared for a second there.

This idea is ooold, haven’t you guys ever played life or death?

This looks like the start of a whole line of Hentai games being imported to the US.

Ahh, the Nintendo DS! The wonders it can achieve. :slight_smile:

This game looks cool, but i don’t think it will make it here. Thank god XY/XX is going to, though.

Ah. A surgery simulator. But, uh, what’s “XX/XY”?

Male and Female?


Meh, seen it. That site is on my favorites menu, and I’m constantly checking for new ones…

“Are you candy?”

If you didn’t get that you’re not a fan of that site.

Its a dating sim game that is confirmed for launch, so its coming to the states for sure. :DDDD You play this guy who meets a really hot girl, and he spends the rest of his time trying to get with her. The game is called “XY/XX Touch the magic” (i think), because the entire game relies on the touch pad. You touch her to interact with her, and uh, if you touch her well enough, you get her ;P. I’m sure gamespot has a some summary up that makes more sense than what i’ve given you, so check it out.

But i am sooooo getting it for launch.

Yeah, exactly what I want to do. Look at yeast infections and syphallis and God Knows What. A dream job.

A tickle there… and a dribble…

No, that description makes enough sense for me! XD