Top military commanders of all time

So, who do you guys think are the greatest military commanders of all time? Possibly a top ten?

Jim Raynor
Sarah Kerrigan
Illidan Stormrage
Sylvanas Windrunner
Some korean guy

I’d say Grand Admiral Thrawn’s at the top of the list there. He could come up with grand all-encompassing military tactics that’d wipe out any given race or military commander, by looking at their fucking art. And he knew who and what he was up against, just by like sending half a squadron of TIE fighters just to see what they’d do!

The debate begins and ends with Napoleon.

Although Trotsky and Lee did pretty damn good jobs.

Moses, he just had to hold his hands up, and his toops would kick ass.

Sun Tzu.

The British Empire.



Ninshiro Kashinji, he successfully fended off one of the WORST zerg rushes of all time in the '99 StarCraft Grand Prix in Seoul.


Seconded. I can’t believe this thread reached a second post without him getting mentioned.

Although I can not speak about his tactical skills, Uesugi Kenshin needs to be noted for his awesome badass bushidoness.

In a separate note: Dev, is there any place where I can get a recording of that match?


Zhu Ge Liang :frowning:

From Tolstoy’s perspective, at least, Napoleon wasn’t particularly great, and Kutuzov outclassed him. Then again, Tolstoy is Russian :stuck_out_tongue:


Zhuge Liang. He was the best military commander ever. He’s my greatest hero. Chicks dig him. He’s so hot right now.

No love for Caesar? Poor Caesar.

The first in my list is whomever led the ones known as the 300 of Esparta. I can’t find the name. Then come:

Tamudjin (Mongolia), Sun Tzu (China), Charlemagne (not our Charle) (France), Jeanne D’arc (France), Qin Shin Huang (China), Alexander (Greece), Arjuna (India), Sethi I (Egypt) and Tukulti-Nunurta I (Assiria).

Top three worst: Caligula, Crassus and Xerxes. They all had superpowerful, unmatched armies and two of them got fucked in battle. Caligula only used his army for toy soldiers.

Maybe I’d add a fourth here, Atilah, king of Huns, who chocked on his own blood, from a nosebleed.

All the French managed to command was their armpits to grow hair. >E


Welcoming the invading military doesn’t count as great military strategy. Besides, he said commanders, not countries.

I don’t really believe too much in commanders since now there is so much that goes on that commanders can’t really control. Now it is more about small unit leadership. Commanders may coordinate much of the war, but there is a lot out of their control.

I’m amazed by some of the nerdiness though, such as the listing on video game characters coughRhakacough.

Haha. France is a cuntry. How fitting.


Anyway, I defend my choice of Patton. Not only was he Patton, but he was a field-marshal for Napoleon, a legionnaire, AND Hannibal reincarnated. How many other commanders can claim that?