Top Gear

It’s just the best show on television, there is nothing better. It is three british guys doing cool car themed things.

Eh, I’m typically inclined to dislike most things that come from BBC. The only real exception is Doctor Who. That aside, I’d never heard of this show until you mentioned it and Google explained it’s origin.

I don’t give a shit about cars. Or britain.

I forgot I made this thread, and then I got excited when I saw it. Then I got unexcited when I realized that I was the one who made it.

Top Gear might just be one of my all-time favourite TV shows. :smiley: I was going to put a youtube link on here but there are so many great moments from the show over its 14 seasons that no one clip or challenge does it justice. Except maybe the amphibious car challenge(s). And the cheap Porsches. And the Van challenge. And the caravan holiday.*

Oh, and Clarkson is god.

*EDIT- found one. :slight_smile:

And the one where they drive to New Orleans