ToP GBA Help - Dojo Battles

All right, so I’ve gotten to the dojo in Miguel, and apparently I’m supposed to fight five battles to do or get something cool. However, these one-on-one fights are kicking my ass!

Cless is level 42 with the best armor he can equip. I’m using the Moon Falx for a weapon and a Black Onyx and Elven Boots for accessories. I don’t think I’ve missed any techs I can find. Any advice from people who have gotten this far would be appreciated!

Just to be sure: by “Best armor” you mean the Ishtar set, right?

Ha ha, I should clarify - the best armor that I can currently purchase at this point in the game (before Volt), and I’m pretty sure that isn’t Ishtar anything because I’ve never heard of it. :smiley: