Top 885 Albums

Has anyone heard of this? A radio station took a poll of the 885 best albums and is playing 3 songs from each…or has been since Sept. 27th. They have a shoutcast for winamp you can listen on.

I’m quite angry that I didn’t hear about this when it started because I would have loved to listen to the bands I haven’t heard. It is in the top 50 now and I’m sure I have heard all the bands in the top 50. They will replay 50-25 tomorrow and 25-1 on Monday for those interested.

Queue all the people missing the point and just complaining about how no-one except them knows what good music is.

Hmm, I’m kinda curious to see if there’s more than just Thriller from MJ…

Whoops… I couldn’t remember Off the Wall

I think you mean “cue” in that context. But yeah.

I’m guessing the radio station was 88.5 FM.

Someone deserves a cookie!

On an off note, I still remember my 6th grade math teacher telling us at the beginning of the year that she will purposely make mistakes just to see if we will catch them. Even as 6th graders we knew it was a lame attempt to cover up for not knowing the material that well.