Top 5 movies of the year?

That’s movies only released in 2006

Little Miss Sunshine
Casino Royale
The Departed
Happy Feet (never thought I’d say that)
(Space Reserved for Pan’s Labirynth)

What’s yours?

…didn’t we do this already?

Indeed we did, but more movies have come out since then.

I suppose it would’ve been a better idea to hunt down the old thread though.

Even though that would have been a good idea, I’m sure lots of people would have bitched about you making a “necropost”. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Yeah. Guess that’s that then. Post away.

V for Vendetta. Everything else is tied for last. Even PotC2 let me down. Even Beerfest, which I enjoyed every second of, is conspicuously bad.

There is something <b><i>wrong</i></b> with you if Casino Royale is in your top five. It probably just makes you a bad person, but worst-case scenario, you’re going to hell. It’s a scientific fact.

I think you forgot Clerks 2.

Hades, there’s something wrong with you.


Casino Royale may not have being OMG SUPER GREAT but it was still pretty damn good.

You can’t listen to Hades about anything really.

I haven’t seen a whole lot of movies this year. V for Vendetta didn’t really get a rise out of me though, and Thank You For Smoking is probably the most interesting film that came out of Hollywod . I really enjoyed Pirates of the Carribean however, and Casino Royale (except that it was Ian Fleming’s first and shortest Bond novel) looks exciting and seems to be able to give a burst of youth into an aging franchise.

I do kind of want to see Apocolypto though.

Well… lesse, this year I watched…

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

… and dang, that’s actually it. I’m not a movie person.

Oh right, I did watch the entire Star Wars caboozle for the first time, but I guess that doesn’t cut it.

… stop looking at me like that.

Nothing involving James Bond will ever be good.

For once, I agree with Hades. >_>

Haven’t you seen the early Bond movies when Sean Connery was at his prime?

A little history lesson: Charles DeGaulle, notorious for neglecting to check on the current film trends, vetoes UK’s entry into the EEC, current EU ('63). The first James Bond movie had already come out by 1962.
After just having vetoed UK a second time in '67, DeGaulle tries to blow some steam off and by a misunderstanding gets to watch James Bond: You only live twice. He exclaims “what a gentlehomme, that monsieur Bond”. UK is the next country to join the EEC.

I already know I’m going to hell. Nothing I say or do will change it.

I’ve never seen a single bond film, so I dont have the other ones to compare it to. My only complaint was it was overly long. I do know it beat the shit of out of Pirates of the Carribean. God those movies are ass.

I’m not planning on seeing any more movies this year, so I can make my list now:

  1. Cars
  2. Happy Feet
  3. Ice Age II
  4. Flushed Away
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean II

I also liked Superman Returns and X-Men III, but not as much as the above movies.

I knew I could count on you.

V for Vendetta, Casino Royale, PotC 2.

I only have two. V for Vendetta, and The Fountain. I thought the fountain was good…but mainly sad. -_-

I officially can remember no movie, apart from Ice age 2 and Cars. ^.^

I found V for Vendetta far better than I’d have hoped (though I don’t know if it’d stand at a second viewing).

Until I can find a mag with the movies shown here, my pick for top movie is Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, by Park Chan Wook (of Oldboy fame). It got rhythm, was aesthetically pleasing and had Park’s usual moral questions on violence. And quite a bit of it too.

Eh. V for Vendetta was good but so… fluffed up. o_o Am I the only one that thinks that way? Seriously, in some places, less would have been more. A bit of a showoff- movie.
And despite having Johnny Depp, PotC is highly overrated. :confused:
My list would be something along the lines of~

  1. Borat (I mean, come on!)
  2. little miss sunshine
  3. talladega nights
    4./5.: still thinking