Top 25 fattest and fittest cities in america

Top 25 Fattest Cities:

  1. Detroit. Last year: 3
  2. Houston. Last year: 1
  3. Dallas. Last year: 9
  4. San Antonio. Last year: 13
  5. Chicago. Last year: 2
  6. Fort Worth, Texas. Last year: 16
  7. Philadelphia. Last year: 4
  8. Arlington, Texas. Last year: Not Ranked
  9. Cleveland. Last year: 6
  10. Columbus, Ohio. Last year: 8
  11. Atlanta. Last year: 7
  12. Mesa, Ariz. Last year: 19
  13. Oklahoma City. Last year: 23
  14. Kansas City, Mo. Last year: 22
  15. Miami. Last year: 24
  16. Las Vegas. Last year: 18
  17. Indianapolis. Last year: 12
  18. Phoenix. Last year: 14
  19. Tulsa, Okla. Last year: 25
  20. Memphis, Tenn. Last year: 21
  21. New York. Last year: 15
  22. New Orleans. Last year: 11
  23. Baltimore. Last year: 20
  24. El Paso, Texas. Last year: 17
  25. Washington, D.C. Last year: 25

Top 25 Fittest Cities:

  1. Honolulu. Last year: 1
  2. San Francisco. Last year: 3
  3. Virginia Beach, Va. Last year: 8
  4. Denver. Last year: 7
  5. Colorado Springs, Colo. Last year: 4
  6. Seattle. Last year: 2
  7. Boston. Last year: 12
  8. Portland, Ore. Last year: 6
  9. Tucson, Ariz. Last year: 9
  10. Sacramento, Calif. Last year: 10
  11. Omaha, Neb. Last year: 14
  12. Albuquerque, N.M. Last year: 17
    13. Jacksonville, Fla. Last year: 18 (My city!)
  13. San Diego. Last year: 5
  14. Fresno, Calif. Last year: 24
  15. Wichita, Kan. Last year: 16
  16. Oakland, Calif. Last year: 15
  17. Minneapolis. Last year: 11
  18. Austin, Texas. Last year: 13
  19. San Jose, Calif. Last year: 19
  20. Milwaukee. Last year: 21 on “Fat” list
  21. Charlotte, N.C. Last year: 10 on “Fat” list
  22. Long Beach, Calif. Last year: 20
  23. Nashville. Last year: 23
  24. Los Angeles. Last year: 22

rar, Boston knows how to jog.

I’m glad I don’t live in America. I’m too small and would be stepped on by the gigantic scarecrows from McDonalds. *Nod, nod.

I guess that list gives me a general idea of the places I really need to stay away from to avoid getting flattened.

Originally posted by Merlin
rar, Boston knows how to jog.

Wow, San Jose’s Urban Attributes suck. Go risk factors!
And dang, CA had 8/20 of the fittest.

California also SUCKS!

Yes it sucks, it sucks the cock of Ku’Tarya, the pagan god of fitness, and don’t be jealous just because your state isn’t man enough to satisfy him.

races for the bathroom to vomit, hands covering mouth

I can attest to the legions of fatsos walking around Chicago’s streets. It’s our cow-butcherin’ traditions I says.

Originally posted by Merlin
California also SUCKS!

Which is why so many BC alums end up living out here. (Making BC a natural choice for our little brand new college bowl game) :smiley:

I would comment, but Britain is the fattest country in Europe, so I… er… won’t. ;;>>

I’m from the Chicago area.


Ouch, made the fattest list again.

I’d say, “Yay! Philly is up to 7 on the fat list!”, but I’d seen an article in the Inquirer a couple weeks ago; so I already knew that.