Ahhh! Does anyone else remember that? Oh good tiiiimes! I wish they’d play more Gundam on Adult Swim. Whatever happened to that little space man too. D:

:no2:The new Tom(s) really sink. They had changed him a lot, but this one’s the worst. They also got rid of the computer/woman, whatever her name was, she was cool.

It seems to me like their current programming sucks compared to what they used to run because they’d rather sink their budget into popular shows (One Piece / Naruto) that probably are incredibly expensive to license for broadcast, rather than spread their funds around to cool stuff that people haven’t seen. I don’t really blame them, seeing as a they’re a commercial network and need to show what brings in the advertisers, but it sucks they’ve fallen from taking a gamble on new content like they were around 2000 to being another outlet for stuff everyone already has on DVD.

Doesn’t really matter anyway since Adult Swim airs “fresh” stuff thankfully, Death Note, Bleach, etc. Family Guy being on AS is sort of annoying though, considering its on pretty much every other station, and its on TBS 24/7.