Took 'em long enough

What I wonder is if it will be translated WELL if it gets a fan trans? I mean, the dialogue in Earthbound is just…weird.

Earthbound remains my favoret game to this day.

Unfortunatly, the constant lack of new Mother games has caused me to become jadded to these ‘rumors’.

If it comes out however, I will scream like a little girl and spend whatever the price to play it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, there is a slight chance Mother 1&2 may get released here. After all, they’re releasing a translation of Tales of Phantasia three years after the original release in japan. Sure, the translation looks to be butchered, with Cless being Cress and Klarth being Claus, but it does give some hope for the Mother games. Besides, Nintendo would be stupid not to capitalize on whatever fame Ness has picked up from the Smash Bros series.

What ?! You mean Nintendo actualy re-released Tales of Phantasia in english ? On what game system/console ?! Since when ?!?!?!

It’s supposed to come out next month on the GBA.
Been announced for a few months now.

If we get Earthbound 2 I will sing and danse like a little girly man would.