Too much Doom?

Sucks to be a German cop… :-/

Chainsaws in the real world dont make good weapons… Sure, you’ll cut the living shit out of the first guy, but after chunks of bone, flesh, tendons, and cartlige get caught in the chain and pulled into the mechanisms, that baby will stop faster than you can say “OMFG! My chainsaw is brokezorz!”


We need, splatter proof chainsaws that dont get screwd over by meer human flesh…

Diamond drills, angle grinders maybe. As long as it has a sharp, continuous diamond edge to it, the victim is really, really buggered

Yeah, I’m sure the cops just thought “Oh I can go ahead, it’s just a chainsaw and it will jam once enough of my flesh gets caught in it”

CH: LOL. Keep in mind maybe some of them are really fat like some in the states :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like he’s been watching The Chainsaw Massacre 1-8.

There will never be enough DOOM… :mwahaha:

I figuratively feel their pain.

Hee hee. “Buggered.”

These were special forces, not small backwater village cops, so probably not. :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is they kept sending special forces pigs (As in the four legged hoofed animal) in until the chainsaw jammed.

If a man runs at me with a chainsaw, I do one of two things.

~If I have a gun, BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM… and run if he keeps coming like a bad horror flick.

Just remember to aim for the throat/head area… maximum gore potential, and that’s what you tend to want if you actually wield a chainsaw…

MMMmmmm CHAIN AXE BRING LOTS OF SKULLS FOR THE THRONE OF KHORNE… (Sorry, there’s a small chaos space marine living inside each of us…)

… Hmm… Gunchainsawblade. Oh Squeeniiiix…

Great! A Topic here about my fav item: The Chainsaw. I prefre the …

… Blood coated one. I’ll show you that place on Doom 1 Shareware you can get one…

Big Nutter (& Tina)
(Laughs and makes Chainsaw noises!)