Too much adobe!

I just noticed that my PC has SEVERAL versions of the Adobe software installed. I thought that when I uploaded a new version, it erased the previous one, but apparently that’s not so. Or are these actually different things? I have:

-Acrobat 5.0
-Acrobat Reader 3.01
-Download manage 1.2
-Reader 6.0.1

Which ones do I REALLY need, and which are safe to delete?

The only thing you need is Acrobat Reader, the rest can go to hell. Adobe is annoying because it tries to get people to download all kinds of useless shit, which you apparently did.

So I should keep the 6.0.1 version?

And speaking of useless shit, I also noticed that I have LOTS of programs that DO NOT show up in my “add/remove programs” list- such as a Dialer for a Cuisine Food Server. (Don’t ask me HOW that thing got into my PC!) How do I get rid of those things??

1: Stop visiting fetish food porn sites, sicko.

2: Run anti-spyware programs, like <a href=“”>Ad-Aware</a>.

I have:
Adobe Reader 6.0
Adobe Premiere Pro 7
Adobe Photoshop 7
Adobe Illustrator Pro CS
Adobe Final Effects
Adobe After Effects.

That’s art software that I would imagine you downloaded. While a bunch of that shit is relativly useless comparativly, I guess you can have it if you want it.

And Wil, stuff like your food cuisine dialer is called spy ware and ad ware.


Yeah Dev, I’m sure Steve bought all of that himself.

Yes. Yes i did.

If Steve were a movie, he’d be rated “Arrrr.”

There is a slight difference between Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, I believe. The difference amounts to: if you don’t know the difference, keep Reader and get rid of Acrobat. I have no idea what Download manage is.

I think your making things to complicated. A true expert only needs paint

Delete all but Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0.

Uh… I just deleted all except The Adobe Download Manager and Adobe Reader 6.0.1.
Should I get 5 again instead? Why?

And I have Ad-Aware, ran it several times but it never removed the Dialers, Or even that AOL stuff I never use.

Remove the download manager as well.

The download manager is for Adobe Product Updates.

Elistist Paint bourgeois must be overthrown.

I know, you can choose not to install it when installing Reader, and it basically just nags you to get a million plugins you don’t need.

Well, why tell him to uninstall it, then?

Because I wouldn’t want to be bugged by a million plug ins.