Too bad the presidential election wasn't this year.

I was looking over the election results and the Democrats swept across the country. Plus, Bush has such low popularity right now that if last year’s election was yesterday, he probably wouldn’t have been re-elected. Instead we are stuck with him for another 3 years. Grrr… Although this is a good sign that Bush will lose a lot of power next year since if this trend continues the Democrats should gain control of Congress next year which will balance the power a bit more.

In case you are wondering, I am a registered Democrat, but I don’t really like to associate with the either party. I would decline to state, but I want to be able to vote in the Presidential primary election and I’m a little bit more liberal than I am conservative. However, I think that a balance in government is needed to make sure that only the best ideas survive (in order to pass something, you need some from the other side). Right now Bush just has a little too much pull (although that is changing rapidly) over the Republican party and Congress as a result, which is why it needs the Democrats to lead and counter that pull.

We know, don’t remind us.

I think I’m annoyed by expressions of both political opinions lately.

I’m annoyed with american politics in general. I don’t really want to hear about them any more. We’re all aware of the state of things, and that it’s not good. Every time I try to forget about it, someone brings it up again, and I don’t understand why since they’re jus trepeating what’s already been repeated.

Generally speaking, my state, New York has always been highly Democratic. As a Republican, it drives me nuts to be in a minority which makes my vote not seem to count at all. Case in point: the mayoral race for Buffalo.

A little history lesson: The current Erie country executive, Joel Giambra is a Republican, but an above average corrupt one. His administration has been awful causing a multimillion dollar defecit in the county budget. His actions have caused so many other Republicans to vote Democrat.

The Democratic mayoral candidate, Byron Brown won the election over Kevin Helfer by a landslide. I don’t remember the exact count, but he had over double the amount of votes. It just royally pisses me off because I can’t stand the guy, but even more upsetting is the fact Giambra has indirectly caused it. Not only is Buffalo under a Democratic mayor, but Erie county’s legislature is now crammed full of incompetent democrats. Nice going dumbass!

So yeah, I hate politics too.

Canadian politics aren’t any better. Its a bunch of spoiled children acting like dickheads; you have a party made of thieves, a party who’s existence makes no fucking sense, a party made out of spite and which is supported by a lot of Canadians despite how they simultaneously denounce the party it emulates in the US and a marginalized real left-wing party.

Someone get the impeachment ball rolling. Given how comcastic he’s been in the few months he has held office, do we really want to spend another 3 years with the guy?

I wasn’t comparing. They both suck, but american politics are particularly irritating because they’re brough up so damn much.

I think Bu$h sucks and i should run the country because i know what’s best for everyone!

It is because this is a new situation and things are constantly changing. You, there is a simple solution…DON"T READ THE THREADS! It isn’t like this was a hidden political thread. The title clearly indicates politics.

I haven’t heard new things before. I’ve heard this before, many times. Infer.

Go away.

In any case, the guy I voted for one in my state. Not sure how he’ll turn out, but there was something creepy an discomforting about the guy the Republicans ran - besides him being a Republican, that is.

Oh. Feel the burn.

(now I have to wait 'til I stop by home next week to find out the town council results)

Impeachment, while it should be a true check on power, is used more as a political tool. You’d need a Dem majority House to impeach him, and most likely a 2/3 Dem Senate to remove him. There aren’t enough Republican seats (15) in 2006 to give the Dems to get a 2/3 majority even if they sweep every election (which won’t happen). For the House, to get the slimmest of simple majorities, will need a net gain of 16 seats. That’s probably not enough to push through something as controversial as impeachment, and I don’t think they can get many more than that if they even get that many net seats.

Funny, because you also make useless complaints in every thread about how whatever it is irritates you but you don’t do a damned thing. Such as not reading the thread.

There’s also the fact that there’s basically a gentleman’s agreement against impeachment; even republicans voted against the impeachment of Clinton, because it’s mutually understood that ‘Our man is in power, and you may or may not be able to impeach him, but if your man gets in power and ever does something wrong, we’ll vote according to how you do.’ Which means about the only time an impeachment could really occur is when both parties are enraged at the actions a president has taken. Maybe if Bush had ceceded Texas and California to Mexico and Washington to Canada, as a peace offering after declaring war on Canada and Mexico, it would work, but in being unpopular and starting a war with no exit strategies, impeachment will never go over.

There’s no real gentleman’s agreement against impeachment. Clinton was impeached with like a grandtotal of five Democrats voting for the four proposed articles of impeachment (of which two passed, barely). It was pretty much a straight party-line vote. You can damn well bet that if the Dems get in power any time soon and have a Rep Prez slip up (as Bush has), they’d push for impeachment.

Ooh! Ooh! Lemme try!


The Bloc!

The Conservatives!

And uh… uh…

The… Green party? :mwahaha:

Dude, is the Rhinocerous Party still alive in Canada? Because that shit was awesome.


That is the truth…

I’m having a go Now!


The Conservatives! aka the “Tories”

a party made out of spite and which is supported by a lot of Britsh despite how they simultaneously denounce the party it emulates in the US

Liberal Democrats aka Lib dem


And uh… uh…

The… Green party?[/QUOTE]
I was lost too

Yes, not reading the thread always fixes everything, doesn’t it? Because a thread title like “Too bad the presidential election wasn’t this year” sure as hell won’t spark any political thoughts in my mind if I came across it on the front page of the forums I frequent, right?

The problem is there whether I read it or not. One year ago, America let down the entire planet. I’d like to forget about it to keep my sanity. One political thread per month isn’t bad. Three per week is, especially when almost every single one is from the same person.

But okay let’s ignore the real problem here and make ad hominem attacks okay :slight_smile:

Oh NDP, I love you but sometimes I wonder why I vote you.

And Info, really if you are surprised that the big ‘omg bush iz sux’ information comes out AFTER his election, I am a bit conserned about your state of mind… I am sure in 3 years the Republicans would have made some great save and enough people will forget about the fuck ups of Bush.

It’s generally what happens.