Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Help Wanted

Ok… So, my basic tricks start with a no comply/boneless to a rail and I grind once/twice while doing a flip.

I land to a manual and then perform a grab and whee, there are my about 9000-1000 points.

Of course, this isn’t too frequent as I bail out in the flips part. What stats should I raise to keep myself from bailing so often with this sorta comboing? I find plain 540-720 grabs too slow of a method to get points

Rauski’s (From Krunika) Current Stats:
Air: 10
Hang Time: 2*
Ollie: 10
Speed: 10
Spin: 4*
Landing: 10
Switch: 5*
Rail Balance: 7
Lip Balance: 2*
Manuals: 9

  • means I have no idea what the stat does

Any help is highly appreciated… (And the shrine offers no help on my matter, I’m afraid ;p)

Hang Time is how long you spend in the air.

Spin is how quickly you do 360/540/720’s.

But you should add more to Hang Time and Spin. I have only a vague idea of what Switch and Lip Balance are.

…Lip Balance is How many Time you can stay on a Lip (Lips are done with Triangle, Some of them are eggplant, Rock and Roll and such, You do them instead of Railing if you go front Instead to a side)

Switch is how well you skate while riding Switch (that is, with the wrong foot forward)

I would probably suggest you raise ‘Hang Time’, so that you are in the longer, to pull off the flip tricks. And ‘Spin’, so that you turn faster, between manuals.

Amyway, of course you could level them all up together. This way you are capable of doing any trick combo that you need, for those high scores.