Tonight, I fermented my own alcohol

Why did I do this you say? Couldn’t I just buy some damn alcohol from the store? Well, for one, this is really cheap. All it takes is a 3 gallon carboy, a stopper with some tubing, 6 cans of concentrated fruit juice, .75 ounces of yeast, and 6 cups of sugar. A total of about 15-20 dollars…and next time, since I already have the container and tubing, it will only cost 10 dollars for 3 gallons of homemade danger juice. The other reason is…well, it’s just badass to be able to say “yeah I made my own alcohol.” It’s like 1920’s prohibition all over again, with fancy cars, guns, babes, and smokey taverns. Well, except it’s in the closet of my nerdy bedroom. But a man can dream.

Here is the process:

Start with the materials (note that everything has been throughly sterilized with bleach, rinsed multiple times until the bleach smell is gone, and then air dried in the sun for an hour or so):
<img src=“”>

Before you start, boil a large bowl of water (the largest bowl you can find):
<img src=“”>

While the water is boiling, take a funnel and pour the 6 cans of concentrated fruit juice into the carboy. I used 2 pineapple, 2 limeade, and 2 berry punch. Try whatever mixture you like. I like my fake wine a little tangy, so that’s why I chose these flavors. A more natural blend would be grapes, apples, sweeter flavored fruits:
<img src=“”>

Pour dat shit gewd:
<img src=“”>

Once that is done, check on your water. Right when you see the first sign of bubbling, turn off the heat. You don’t want the water to reach full boil. Slowly stir in your six cups of sugar until it’s completely dissolved. The water should become sort of thick and syrupy. Let it cool a minute or two, then pour it into the carboy:
<img src=“”>

Now it’s time for the yeast. I used regular baker’s yeast. Only a fifth of the price of champagne yeast. I assume champagne yeast would taste better, but whatever. I’m fermenting concentrated fruit juice for god’s sake. Put 3/4 cup warm (100F) water into a bowl. Stir in .75 ounces of yeast, add 3 teaspoons of sugar, and stir until milky.
<img src=“”>

Let the yeast sit for 10 minutes in a warm spot (not on a burner, but next to a burner on low heat), and it should rise to two or three times its consistency. Once that happens, pour the yeast into the carboy. Fill up the rest of the carboy with warm (about 90-100F) water.
<img src=“”>

You are done. Pose and be proud.
<img src=“”>

Apply air tight stopper onto the top of the carboy. Put the other end of the tubing underneath some water. The pressure from the water will prevent harmful air and bacteria from entering the carboy, but it will allow the fermented gases to slowly bubble out. Put in a warm place like a closet and let it sit for 12-14 days.
<img src=“”>

About 20 minutes after finishing it, my water started to bubble every 10 seconds or so, indicating fermentation has begun. In 12 to 14 days I will update this thread. If it has worked, I will test the taste. If successful, I will bottle it and let it sit another one or two weeks. I will then amuse you with pictures of my friends and I getting hammered off this vile shit.

That’s great, man. I had a good laugh thinking about it. Hopefully your homemade liquorwon’t explode like Homer’s did.

I can’t wait to find out how the hell this turned out. I also wonder how you’ll measure the alcohol content aside from the rate at which you’ll get drunk.

uh oh this doesn’t look safe for younger viewers sir

also, jesus h christ you are a hairy motherfucker

There is actually a tool that you can purchase, but it’s a bit pricey. this isn’t my recipe…and I’m just going off of the calculations he did. It’s pretty much an estimate. At the end of two weeks, the jug should be around 6-7%, but after filtering out all the dead yeast and crap, bottling, and adding a bit of sugar to the bottles, I think it SHOULD reach low double digits.

[quote=devillion]uh oh this doesn’t look safe for younger viewers sir[/devillion]

I wish someone told me when I was underage that you could make alcohol with 10 dollars worth of grocery supplies and some crap from home depot.

Next time, make wood grain alcohol. But serve it to someone you hate. That shit can kill ya.

Incedently, how much alcohol does it take to make you blind? With the first cup.

This is fermented, so there is no methanol present. An extremely, extremely tiny amount of methanol is created from a substance in the fruit that is fermented, but this is in quantities much smaller than the amount of methanol present in your body already that you probably weren’t even aware of. It’s when you distill this shit that you have to worry about methanol creation, but then, you usually just dump the first 50 or 100 mL of distillate, because the rest will be methanol free.

Edit: I would also like to add that the rate of bubbling in the water is now up to about 2 bubbles / second. I’m starting to worry that my room will smell of yeast.

The only question that comes to mind is why am I not yet following your shining example?

If it’s anything like making wine, your room will smell of yeast, zep.

Don’t die. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just don’t get a yeast infection!!! LOL!


This is some cool shit.

Whoa man, that’s fucking awesome. I hope it turns out good! But be careful. I’m not exactly sure what could go wrong, but I’m sure something could. Well, perhaps the worst that will happen is your room smelling like yeast. hah! But yeah man, high five for posting this, I gotta give it a try one day.

The other day, my friends and I were having a night of blackjack and Mario Kart, and someone brought over some Bacardi Zombie; It’s bright blue, tastes like a mix of Robatussin and coconut snowcones, and is 154 proof. Needless to say, it gets you drunk pretty quickly… fortunately, I didn’t drive over there that night… >_>


Sounds… like fun. Over here, one might call that “Kilju” (Almost like ‘to scream…’)

And Finns did this shit quite a lot back during our own prohibition… except the funny thing is, we had one of the SMALLEST consumption rates back in 1910 or so…

Now it’s quite… alarming >_>;

Admit it. You are fermenting the alcohol in a toilet in your prison cell.

If I had any kind of patience, I might try this. But I don’t. So I am going to the store and buying a six-pack. Be right back…

If it turns out well, you can sell it as Zepp’s Moonshine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet, Iraqi-hol. Hard to get the sugar and yeast unless you know some cooks.

This isn’t moonshine though. Moonshine is homemade distilled alcohol, usually in the triple-digit proof range. This is more like bum wine. I prefer to label it “Zeppy Juice.” One day I’ll try distilling. I’ll make sure to take photos of me blowing my house up.

Edit: I suppose I should also add that selling homemade fermented beverages is illegal. Distilling your own homemade beverages is also illegal. Making fermented beverages is not illegal, however. At least in the United States.