Tom MacIntosh,the RPG Lovers club, and his Nintendo work-in-progress games

One guy i would really like to find is Tom MacIntosh- He was president of a video gamers club called RPG Lovers - i belonged to about 10 of those clubs in the 90’s-i found out about them from their fanzines mentioned in EGM magazine. But the president of this club had some very special games- He lived in Washington near Nintendo he said and claimed he got some copies of RPG’s out of their trash bin that were work in progress copies or betas or copies presented to execs in the company who made decisions on game content- i sort of doubted that story because he gave different versions to other people in the club when they asked how he got them- He told some he knew somebody who worked at Nintendo -a programmer who sold this stuff to Tom on the side- or i suspected Tom actually worked there or had worked there and after he left the company he took these games with him that he somehow had access to- These games were without the plastic cart- Only small printed circuit boards with the pins that you still could insert in a SNES and play- Tom rented these games out by mail to members of the club for $25 to $50 a week- You would call him on the phone and ask if you could rent a game but usually you had to wait months to get a particular game- You would send him the money then he would send you the game and you would return it by mail back to him after a week- I know he would never do it now because people are dishonest now and would just keep them- But back then everybody was honest-i rented a couple of these work in progress things and they were fantastic- They were of course unfinished games- But i noticed each of them had debug items like the Dragons Warp in BOF1- One of them was FF5 for their planned FF extreme- it played up to the point the main character visits his home town- the debug items were easy to find in these games- they always had numbers- i remember the debug warp item for FF5 was 1148 and the one for Lufia 2 was 1156.The copy of Lufia 2 i rented from Tom had 2 completely different characters than ones in the game, towns that weren’t in the release copy and the airship looked different- the ancient cave special items had 1 with a different name than the released version.In FF5 it had a completely different opening- instead of on the castle balcony it took place on the 2nd world with the dawn warriors discussing about finding a means of transportation to the world they sealed ex death in because they had detected a weakening of the crystals.Faris name is Doris and she doesn’t hide the fact at all she is a girl- in the released version she becomes Farris.That is considerable changes from the Japanese versions of these games- i notice though the final release copies of these games usually follows the super famicom version pretty close- but in the case of Lufia 2- i had played Estopolis2 and some of the puzzles in the game were changed- an example is in the tower you have to go through just before Merix villiage- the 3rd floor is completely different in the Japanese version- in the American version you have to move a series of colored blocks to go further- i have a pic below from a strategy guide of what the same floor looks like in the super famicom version.Getting back to Tom’s rental copies of SNES work in progress games- i would like to find out where this guy is now and see if he still has these games- i really liked the debug warp items which were removed from the final copies- and i want to get his copy of Chrono Trigger . i talked to other people in the club who rented it and it had a debug warp item too- an additional character or he was changed-deleted from the release version and some town not in the final copy and different bosses, some items and weapons not in the final version- What happened to Tom? i tried calling him to reserve Chrono Trigger and it was a disconnected number and when i tried writing him somebody else was living in his apt- Where did he go?AND the guy who likes to accuse me of bragging about games in my collection can’t do it this time because these work in progress copies were not mine- Unfortunately a member tried to make floppy disc copies of them on his wild card but they had some kind of copy protect- You just got a blank screen if you tried to play the copy on a wild card- has anyone else on this board ever had access to these special pre release games- there had to have been some way to copy them- i would like to get copies so others can play them on an emulator- TOM WHERE DID YOU GO???

Do you have any idea of what the odds for a guy like that to be in a place like this are? This is a gaming community, but it’s a very small one.

I’m gonna be honest here…

That’s just way too much text in a single paragraph for me to read. I get eye strain just thinking about it. >_<

You should consider partitioning your posts into several paragraphs to make them easier to read.

Yes, the odds are tremendous that he might be here- BUT , i really don’t expect that- the odds are greater that somebody here might know of him or even know a site that might offer roms of these work in progress games- if this guy was renting out games with unique stuff in them like this the word had to have gotten out and Nintendo went after him and he split- but wherever he went these games he had are too special and somebody else now has to know about him and where he is- this club has people everywhere into rpg’s -i know anyone here would love to see these unreleased games like i would. The real experts are here- even people who can spell and use paragraphs- i am more of a numbers person than a grammer person like i said- i am better using my pro action replay to generate series of items in BOF 1 to find debug items the programmers removed like the Dragon Warp item in that game- i discovered that item in the super famicom version of the game and sent in the code for it to Game Fan magazine so everyone could use it when the game came out in English-i am not bragging- just wanted to share the dragon warp item with others who played BOF1back then.maybe some good at computers found a way to disable the copy protect on his work in progress copies- i just want to be able to play that beta or what ever it is copy he had of chrono trigger- i am dying to hook that sucker up to my pro action replay and play around with it and see what else they took out.

Somebody asked why my e-mail address is It is because i like the 1920’s music, movies,clothes- maybe i even lived in the time in a past life- i collect clothes from the period- dresses, hats- Here is a pic of me at a modeling shoot i did for Vintage fashions magazines- Modeling pays good and i need the money to buy video games anyway-No, and i didn’t cut this pic out of some old magazine- this is really me in front of a 1920’s car-

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Sorry, i am not single but thanks a lot for asking- but you are the kind of guy i like- a video game RPG player and especially that pic you had up with your post with the guy with a gun in his mouth- that probably means you are not a conservative- and i can’t stand conservatives- maybe that is why i identify with the 1920’s era so much- a time of rebellion and heck to the rules- and sorcerer i am really a newcomer here- i notice you have made over 3,600 posts- well- here’s another pic of me-