Today's peeping toms

Modernisation just took a turn for the wierd

…Whoa, somebody’s a little sexually deprived. O_O;

<img src=“”> Should be interesting if he stepped in a pile of crap.

Technology moves forward, and the motives stay the same.

I don’t get why anyone would follow someone around at a car show noticing whether or not they are interested in cars.

the guy must be REALLY desperate…

Ok… that’s just plain weird -_-

Old Perverts 2K3 Edition… :fungah:

It’s amazing he didn’t catch an old woman on camera or something.

Poor guy. Must not have an internet connection.

:thud: right…:fungah:

I have heard similar stories as this, although those mostly concerned an actual camera planted on the foot of the woman.

In any case, shame on that pervert for his sexual harassment. I hope that he is punished accordingly.

Do yourselves a favour: Die before you turn fifty and avoid the middle-aged pervert illness. Isn’t the teenage one enough?

Am I glad I seldom wear skirts.

Funnymen says:

You people, do not have enough physical proof to actually perceive that kind of non-sense.

A technophile pervert, now thats a good one! :stuck_out_tongue:

This almost beats the legendary “Dildo-Cam”

SS, too much damn info thanks ><

Originally posted by StarStorm
This almost beats the legendary “Dildo-Cam”

No, I won’t even ask, HAW !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why am I not surprised in the least bit by that story??

oh gods… dlido-cam’s??? I’m… gonna… … laugh hysterically for another 10 minutes before that starts to really gross me out…

A mais qui voilà?
Inspecteur Gadjet…