Today, We Mourn a Legend

Last night, we lost one of our most dear and beloved citizens of the Bulldog Nation. He died of congestive heart failure in Savannah, Georgia at the ripe old age of 10. He will be buried in the Mausoleum at the Southwest Corner of Sanford Stadium.

Goodbye Uga V’s Whatchagot Loran, better known as Uga VI. Truly, you were a damn good dog.

Sounds pretty sad

I hope he found 72 bitches waiting for him in heaven.

I’m sure there’s already another one. Although this one is the best because he bit that gator.

Uga VI never bit a Gator. Uga V lunged at the Auburn player. And of course there’s a new one picked already.

Wow, you move on fast. I guess what dey say is true, “The 984 has no heart.” Bah, I bet you feel somewhere in dat black abyss you call your soul. Now, it sounds sad, I do feel bad for da dog (I love animals).

I don’t move on fast. The Bulldog Nation needs its new mascot. Uga VII will be crowned at the opening game of the football season. Uga VI will always be loved, especially by those who attended school during his reign. Just as a nation needs a new monarch when the king dies, so do we need a new Uga.

oh you’re talking about football

Why does you speak like dat?

Charlemagne, I speak like dis 'cause tis easier to type. Also, tis a simplified version of my actual speak.

Oh, I’m sorry if I offended you 984. I dought you moved on quickly from Uga VI, but in reality you jus’ needed a new Uga to keep it goin’.

I gotta say it makes you look like an idiot. I mean really - ‘dought’?

OKay, I’ll fix some of my typin’. But not all, I don’t like typin’ normally. XD I don’t know, might jus’ be how I am in real life.

A new Uga has been named. Tomorrow, before the kickoff against Georgia Southern, Uga VI’s Loran’s Best will be crowned Uga VII.

Look at da puppy

Nice looking dog they got there.

Uga VII looks almost identical to the late Uga VI (sans like two or three wrinkles). Looks like they’re robbin’ the cradle with this one.

Dude, f3@r teh 1337 posting skillz!

Wow, hope you have fun with your new mascot, 984. I didn’t get to see the pics as my computer is not exactly the greatest and it didn’t load them. sigh And I wanted to see Uga VII, I like puppies. >.<

oh the dog was a <i>mascot</i> for the football team

i finally get it :frowning:

u r stoopids!

Southern got whooped.

Look at cute little Uga sleeping in his air-conditioned dog house. On his bag of ice. With his 50 year limited warranty dog house siding.

How do you pronounce Uga?