Today is more than crab day.

It is the anniversary of the launch of the greatest system of all time.

The Dreamcast.

Let us pay our respects and share our fondest memories of god’s gift to consumer electronics.

Personally, i love the system. I love everything about it, from the beep the controller makes when you turn it on, to the extremely loud sound of the disc motor working, to the size and styling of the physical unit. The controller design is AMAZING, it fits my hand like a glove, and is more ergonomic than any other controller i’ve used (save a microsoft sidewinder pad). I love the idea of a VMU, and the fact that they are a standalone system in themselves. <small>And most of all i love the fact you can burn games for it without a mod. >>;;</small>

I loved Virtual-on!

That game was sooo cool.

I still have my Dreamcast.

Good times. :slight_smile:

I got an N64 instead of a Dreamcast, and will never know it’s pure, unadulterated love. ;_; Have pitty on my soul!


To the DreamCast! Second only to the Saturn!

I still own both a Dreamcast and Saturn. I’ve long believed sega to be the best console maker, and this day is now bittersweet for the lack of further consoles.

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I know it’s about SNK and not Sega, but I always think of it when I think of the demise of the Dreamcast. Sega hardware, you were an old and dear friend.

You really liked the DC Controllers, Dev? I thought it was a bad move, considering that a lot of the coolest games on DC were fighting games, and the DC controller is TERRIBLE for fighters…at least 2D fighters, anyways.

That being said, still a cool system. I still look for DC RPGs ocassionally when I have money, and I still play Spawn: In The Demon’s Hand a LOT (And if you don’t know what that game is and you own a Dreamcast…shame, on, you).

Man, my copy of Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand is scratched to hell from taking it everywhere in a cheap CD case. It doesn’t work anymore, and I miss it again now. Thanks, SG, you asshole. =P

Yea, i love 'em. They fit my tiny-girlish hands perfectly, and i havn’t had much trouble with fighters…though that may be because i like using the dpad more than the joystick. Besides, the official fighting stick is pretty good too.

I still boot mine up to play Jet Grind Radio quite often. I know the gameplay of the game is…well…lets be honest, shitty, but i still love the game. Skating, Japan, and bitchin’ music all appeal to me, so its honestly one of my favorite games :stuck_out_tongue:

Though i HATE shenmue, i’ll play that sometimes, if only to blow my allowance on toys and the arcade and stuff. Virtual On is good for a quick diversion, though i’ve grown bored of it over the years (and i don’t have the official sticks :[).

And of course, theres hella amounts of good fighters and shooters :stuck_out_tongue: Hell, just having MvC2 is enough for me, its fun to just play and combo in. Border Down and Mars Matrix are fun shooters too.

Chu Chu Rocket is great as well, though it sucks now that seganet is gone. :frowning:

BTW. September 9th is also the 10-year anniversary of the PlayStation’s U.S. launch.
PS could be the best example of the Survival of the Fittest in the gaming industry.

Nah, it’s not the joystick issue; I am actually even better at using a Pad than a Stick, maybe cos I started playing fighters on my SNES and not at the arcades. What I’M talking about is the D-Pad and its abrasive, sharp edges. Turn on SFAlpha3 and play as any character with 360 moves for a while, like Zangief or R.Mika, and see how long you last. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Arac…Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: Love that game.

It was also the 6th anniversary of the US launch of Final Fantasy VIII.