Today is Halloween...

… and in an hour of having the T.V. on in the background I’ve seen seven Christmas commercials.

I am already feeling done with Christmas and it isn’t even here yet.


Unbelievable! Everyone knows the season starts a day after that.

I went to work as a Shinigami =D

Halloween means candy cooorn! :smiley: There’s no Most Haunted Live today but there is a Ghost Hunters Live! Hopefully it’s actually scary. :< Halloween kicks Christmas’ ass.

I have the uncanny ability to ignore them until Thanksgiving. Then I have no choice as my favorite radio station plays nothing but Christmas music.

You listen to the lite rock channel? I’d rather make friends with the local Classical Music Station instead at this time of year.

On the other hand the scariest costume I saw this year was a kid in da Burger King’s mask. It was either that or the ghost that was also a ninja.

I swear to god the first time I hear Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” this year I’m going to kill someone.

On the other hand, I love Christmas music, so this isn’t a bad thing at all :smiley:

Aren’t you Americans supposed to post .jpg-suffixed files here about your latest innovation in disguising yourself while blackmailing innocents for candy?

(Want to see halloween costume goodness, all I see here are cosplayers these days.)

Pheer. :mwahaha:

I’ll have to keep a tally on how many versions of “Silent Night” I hear. That makes my blood boil.

Am I the only person who missed the RPGC Halloween color scheme of yesteryear?

I didn’t dress up for halloween, I’ve kinda stopped caring about it, sicne I’ll dress up like a ninny any day of the year. Still, I loved seeing some of the kids who came to the door. The best was, by far, one kid who was dressed up like Ash ketchum from Pokemon. Red cap, blue jacket, green gloves, pokeballs on his belt, even a tiny pikachu plush sewn onto his shoulder. My compliments to his mother.

/me pheers D: