To think I thought the Christian museum was bad

Sweet Jesus, my head hurts (no pun intended).

EDIT: Since everyone got the wrong idea, commercializing religion = Bad.


I’ll say the same thing as I said in the Christian Museum thread.


If they want to make a Christian themed mall, let them. Nobody’s forcing you to go there, shop there, look at it, or have any interaction with it at all. Just like nobody’s forcing you to go to Christian Book Stores or Christian Churches or do anything related to Christianity at all.

I don’t see why y’all need to grab your pitchforks whenever anything that is connected to religion is erected.

Actually, a lot of the money the church gets goes to funds for Christian pastors to convince people to devote their lives to Christ.

EDIT: And since you want more of a reply, fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

When people start forcing Christianity on others (like what this church will most likely attempt in the future) there’s a disturbing comparison between the megachurch and Al-Queda’s fanaticism to Islam, even if it is a small one. On another note when we associate every daily activity with God, we’re as good as denouncing everyone in the United States who prefers to keep religion separate, not to mention people in the nation who AREN’T Christians.

Don’t you think a “Christian-mall” is an oxymoron, for a religion that has anti-materialist roots? I’m repulsed by the idea, and by the idiocy of people who think they can baptize materialism with a Christian name.

A) They’re trying to convert you because they think you’re better off that way. Violence isn’t in their religion any more than it is in Osama’s. They don’t hate you; they think they can save you. Most will go away when you tell them that you’re not going to listen. The rest will go away if you just wait long enough. I don’t see that as forcing religion on anyone, any more than political canvassers are forcing their values on you. They want you to consider them.

B) Very small comparison.

C) It’s not denigrative to nonbelievers when believers say that their faith is an integral part of their daily activities. It should be.

And how is that forcing you to do any of those things? Sure, churches use money to try to educate and give people the opportunity to make their own decision about their spirituality, but there’s no forced conversion or anything. Doing so would be counter-productive anyway, since devoting your life to Christ is meaningless unless it’s a completely voluntary decision.

Nobody’s forcing anybody to do or listen to anything.

Also, that’s quite an assumption to say that “this church” will attempt to force people convert in the future.

A. If they think they can save people that’s all well and good, but that has nothing to do with what I said. It’s a matter of this nation becoming too absorbed in a religion, not whether or not a religion can save you. Especially since there are people of other religions in the United States.

B. Xwing said it already but Christianity has non-material roots, I have no idea why we should start mass materialism now. Especially when some people are in fact not Christians.

I agree with A… kind of. A big problem facing Christians is that many of them have a “holier than thou” attitude, and that’s really, really bad, since humility is such a powerful virtue. I don’t think it’s wrong to be “too absorbed in a religion”, but when you start discriminating against non-Christians (or Muslims or Jews or whatever), then that’s bad.

I definitely agree with B. But like it or not, religious institutions need money to do stuff, just like everything else… to fund the actual churches, to run charitable organizations, and all sorts of stuff. I don’t know how the profits from the mall will be used (hopefully for just causes), but it does seem sort of excessive. I still don’t think it’s a huge deal, though. At least not a big enough deal to rant about on a message board. But I definitely see where you’re coming from here.

Wether the U.S. becomes absorbed in Christianity or not is its own affair. Those who follow another religion needn’t leave or convert, but should accept the fact that they are surrounded by people who think that they’re tragically mistaken, and care enough to try and change that.

And as far as proselytization goes, I think Christianity would be more successful if it proceeded in the tradition of St. Patrick. That is to say, patience, understanding and civility in great heaping fuckton loads. I’ve been witnessed to on the street (Frame was with me one of the more awkward times) and, while flattering, the witnesser (?) came off like a telemarketer.

As for materialism, maybe that’s the best way to spread the word? C’mon, shopping is the number one cultural activity in the United States.

If you’re not gonna go to it and it doesn’t effect <i>your</i> life then who the fuck cares? If they want to do some shiz like that, let them. And if you’ve got some witnesses bothering you, tell them to piss off - they will. As for the “nation becoming absorbed in religion” thats a bit exaggerated, imo. But hey. The hell do I know?

I don’t really care about this one, save for the irony and the memory of that part of the bible where Jesus got pissed off and threw out all the merchants from the church. As long as they keep their holy-water-soaked hands off my dear science, I don’t care what they do.

I think God has enough money, he doesn’t need to open coffee shops.

But God makes the best coffee! It’s absolutely divine!

God’s been offered so many things

Virgins… food… money… Joan of Arc…

If he’d message us back I’m sure the priests in this world would have a lot more direction to their lives

I think that’s about the only time we see Jesus really get pissed off, too.

Man, if I were Jesus, it would’ve been when those Romans nailed me up!

Thank you. I’m getting sick of everyone going apeshit at the mere mention of the word “god.” What the fuck gives?

Is it just the cool thing to do, to rebel against something that stands for peace and love and global comradery and friendship just because the word “religion” has somehow become synonymous with “the opressor of freedom of choice,” a freedom you take for granted and abuse at every fucking turn anyway? Your oh-so-precious freedom to do what, continue being slaves to the american economy? To be pushed through the system like so many feces through my fucking anal sphincters?

I agree fully with Hiryuu when he says “WHO FUCKING CARES.” You’re talking nonexistant semantics, your itchy trigger finger jumps the fucking gun at anything associated with religion, without even examining it first, because it is religion. It’s becoming tremendously annoying.

Does anyone even ask themselves WHY they are opposed to religion? When people complain about not wanting religion “pushed” on them, do they even fucking REALIZE what they’re saying? Oh woe, don’t push your vile morals upon me, morals that state such things as “treat others how you want to be treated.” Please no! I don’t want to be forced to agree with commandments not to steal or kill or fuck my brother’s wife! Villlee!!!

Please, fucking SHUT UP. If I hear much more antagonism toward religion, ESPECIALLY christianity, I’m going to drop some fucking plates.

And by the way, christianity isn’t anti-materialist. Don’t presume. It makes a pre out of u and me. Er. Something like that.

The only reason I would have a problem for this is if it decided that, by freedom of religion, the government couldn’t tax it (which has been tried before with religious stores), in the way they sometimes can’t tax churches. Which, then, would be discriminating against other religions who don’t have churches wealthy enough to build malls.
However, given that it’s unlikely this would happen, I don’t really see this as a problem, so much as one of those funny things where people extort beliefs for personal gain, or one of those ironic things, where anti-materialists open fucking malls.

Except that christians aren’t anti-materialist.