TO/OB Storyline

Is there anywhere I can get the COMPLETE storyline of the Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre series, complete with all the characters and all the games?

My sudden interest in this was sparked long ago when getting the A+ ending for Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis. (Lans Tartare, where have I heard that name before?? :moogle: )

I may be wrong (and have been many times lately) but I believe the Ogre Battle Saga doesn’t have all the episodes done yet, kinda like Star Wars.

The best advice I can give you is kinda obvious. Use Google and you should be able to find lots of stuff.

Xero, that was the WORST advice EVER.

You should try to find a place where they discuss openly the OB storyline, and join in the discussion. Don’t google for it, you’ll get shitty places.

In TO, Lans Tartare is the commander of the Lodis’ knights that you fight during the game.

Yeah, he’s the leader of the Dark Knights.

He issued the attack on Denim’s town that killed their mother and kidnapped Plancey, their father.

Iga, I’ve found a lot of RPG storyline info with Google. It may take a while to find a reputable source but it’s worth it in my opinion.

Being one of the local Ogre Battle fanatics, lemme preach on dis.

preaches on dis

Now now now now now now now! Xero was right about the Star Wars theory. There are 8 episodes, and yet there are two “half” episodes. Lemme run you down on this.

Episode 5 - March of the Black Queen
Episode 5.5 - Prince of Zenobia
Episode 6 - Person of Lordly Caliber
Episode 6.5 - Knight of Lodis
Episode 7 - Let Us All Cling Together

March of the Black Queen was originally released on the SNES with one of THE most terrible saving systems to date, as a good number of RPGC members can tell ye. It was later released onto the Sega Saturn and the Sony Playstation (Yes, it was on the Saturn). The storyline was basically simple, as playing the game will unviel it, otherwise there isn’t much you can gather on the game itself compared to the Instructional booklet. (IMO).

The male and female leaders are none other than Destin Faroda and Eurpoea Rheda as seen on Person of Lordly Caliber. How Destin came to Palatinus is revealed later on, but I have my doubts on how Eurpoea came all that way up there, and still knows about Destin. I haven’t played fully into MotBQ, but I read a good summary on it’s storyline.

Gilbert, Debonair, Aisha, and Saradin also appear in PolC (as well as Denev who is basically the Ogre Battle mascot because she’s in all the games :smiley: ) and Canopus and Warren were on Tactics Ogre: Let Us All Cling Together. (I know not a damn thing on it’s storyline… -_- )

I don’t want to shamelessly plug other sites…but meh. There’s a REAL good fanfiction on on the MotBQ storyline. It’s hard to determine whether or not it’s the correct story or not, but it is DAMN near close enough, and a very good read in that matter. “FUCKING WIZARD!” Yelled Destin. I thought I never hear that from him. He he he.

Prince of Zenboia was the first “Gaiden” (Side story) game, and was only released on the Neo Geo Pocket in Japan. The storyline is a bit unclear, but it begins halfway through MotBQ. There are ROMs of it available…somewhere…but you can bet your ass it’s not translated yet. From the screenshots available, it looks a lot like the original, though.

The storyline for the next three episodes are really apparent when you play them, so I’ll just end it here.

Oh, wait, I lied. There was a Lans in MotBQ and in the first TO game, but I don’t know if they are the same person…

And you can find a shitload of Ogre Battle fanart on Japanese only sites. If ANYONE can figureout how to translate all that garbled symbols into englsh or something CONTACT ME A.S.A.P!!!

The Lans (not Tartare) in Tactics Ogre and Ogre Battle are one and the same. Also, in an addendum to what Xero said about TO:

You later find out Plancey isn’t your father at all, and Kachua isn’t even related to you.

Which japanese sites are you talking about? And by the way, Prince of Zenobia is a game where you play Tristam (duh) along with Estrada and Cain on the same area you played MotBQ (or pretty damn near it, one of the forest maps is identical).

Originally posted by Kagon
[b]The Lans (not Tartare) in Tactics Ogre and Ogre Battle are one and the same. Also, in an addendum to what Xero said about TO:

You later find out Plancey isn’t your father at all, and Kachua isn’t even related to you.

Right, I just didn’t want to go into so much detail. I have yet to finsish the game myself. Everytime I get pretty far in it I don’t like how my army is and I start over.

Here’s a TO question, while we’re on topic. I usually follow the Chaotic path and get Byan. Is he the best candidate to turn into a lich?

Its up to you really. It doesn’t matter all that much once you’ve got a lich.

And Lans Tartare and Land Hamilton are previous rivals that meet in TO. Tartare admits Hamilton took his eye in a previous battle.

Tartare is also the main character in Tactics Ogre Gaiden; he changes his name from Alphonse Loeher to Lans Tartare if you choose path A (which , judging from events in TO , is the true ending)

OB 64 and Tactics Ogre are 2 sequels to OB; OB 64 concentrates on 1 segment of characters, TO on another. Both games involve Zenobia fighting off Lodis (or the Rodisti as they are named at the end of OB) in different ways and it involves Hell Gates and acquiring godly power. OB 64 revolves around Aisha, Saradin, Destin, Europea, Debonair, Gilbert (and Magnus , a new char). TO revolves around Lans (both), Warren, Canopus (and Denim the new char). Who knows what’ll happen from here o_o.

It’s my prediction that Episodes 1-4 (without any more damn Gaiden games!) will come out before the final Episode 8 comes out. Because all hell is going to break loose, count on it.

It is also one of my far-fetched yet sometimes accurte predictions that…

That if the best ending you get from OB64 will follow through into episode 8 as part of the plot. In this case, Magnus’s son Aeneas will either be the main character, or at least one of them. Remember, the Barbarian tribes of the east are going to be in this, and Destin left with Vad and Eurpoea to go easternly and free the rest of the Bolakumans. I think this might be a split RPG where you control various partys spread throughout the world. Destin’s group, Magnus’s/Aeneas group (may split from there), Denim’s group (I don’t know, I never played TO so I don’t know how it turns out…) and the Gadien games need a part to fit in somewhere… It’s also my prediction that you will have to travel to the Netherworld itself and fight. Like mabey , Asmode, the dark elemental god, will be your main enemy or something.

…which also reminds me of this new battle system for the OB games I had one night… Combine JFG with Rainbow Six, and each character has different controls n’shit.

Archers and Magic users would have aiming controls only,

Swordsmasters would have some complex controls to swing their swords in,

Paladins would have sword and shield controls,

Dragon Masters and other fencing sword users would have their own targeting system for close range combat,

You control where your hawkmen fly,

use the Doll Masters and Enchanters to control objects as projectiles n’shit (GOLEMS BECOME USEFUL FOR A CHANGE!)

You can ride winged beasts!

And such on…

And the whole map would be like Wind Waker, in a way. You can take your units and march around an entirely 3D map, and say, invade an enemy town, which only allows so many units in a part of the town (usually ranging from 3 to 10 sections of town space) and you can set up ambush points, traps, walls, or just walk in with your posse and lay waste to the enemy units in there. Then you can switch between your various units using a button while the others do what orders you gave them (Reactions and AI will be determined by INT and such on), and in town you can also call for reinforcements. Like, a Dragon Master can call his/her dragon into the fight, and there’d be a short cut scene in which the dragon flies in from the skies and drops in to join/assist, etc.

Just IMAGINE the possibilitys in this style!

Bwargh, now I want to stop my game on the A path in TOG =P. Seeing has I might finish that save in like 6-8 months, could you explain what happens in the A and A+ endings? Due to how I take forever to get through a tactics game, I stand no chance on the A+ ending =P. I figured something was odd with the ending to the B path since it was way too happy.

read my spoiler , Kagon.

Yeah, I did. I was wondering what led to that change.

Remember the beginning, he hates his name. So I figure he changes it when he joins his order. I’m 1 fight away from the ending >.>.

Originally posted by Sinistral
Its up to you really. It doesn’t matter all that much once you’ve got a lich.

Thanks, I was just wondering if there was some speical character with better magic than him other than Kaucha or the sisters.

Oh, I see Sin. Let me know about it when you finish =P

Eh, I wouldn’t go through with it with him, Xero. I’m not sure, but I think it’ll knock him out of the ending since he’s a special character and he would have died.

Thanks, I won’t do that then. I guess I’ll stick with Shamens and Kaucha the Princess then.

I’ll try to see what Byan’s death quote is as a lich. If it’s the same as when he’s alive I might go through with it then. I don’t care too much about the ending, I just want to beat the damn game since I’ve been through the first half of it so many times.

That was a lotta help guys. Well, the only 3 games I have played in the series is Let us Cling Together (not finished), March of the Black Queen (also not finished), and Knight of Lodis. I would like to be able to play them all, but alas I do not have a N64, and Let us Cling Together is immensely hard to find. Right now I’m enjoying the VS mode in KoL, its great.

Kagato: That episode laydown was immensely helpful. I had no idea there were so many darn episodes. However, I had never heard of March of the Black Queen being released on Playstation before. I do know that Let us Cling Together was released for SNES and PS, but I don’t know what the differences are between the versions other than the fact that one is translated and the other isn’t.

Right now I’m playing through the B path…and even though it isn’t what truly happened during the storyline, I’m enjoying the fact that Rictor Lasanti is in my party right now. (what a powerhouse)