To Mozilla users:

Can you check a post that Nightblade has posted in? How big is his sig on it. On Mozilla, I see it frikkin HUGE! (99% of the page length, and about 99 pages wide). I looked at it in IE and it’s fine though, so I’m wondering if my Mozilla is acting funny, or it’s just a mozilla bug.

I’m using opera and it’s fine.

Nope, looks fine on my Mozilla. Must be yours.

I have signatures turned off, as I like to point out.

I imagine he has entered some bad < font > html, Mozilla has some problems with that still. At least, the garamond in my title doesn’t always show.

Apparently character with ascii value of 8 appears as ten thousand lines on Mozilla. For some reason, it read them all.

EDIT And Steve, Mozilla and Opera are different things.

Eh, I know that Xelo.
I was stating that I was using something you HADN’T tested yet, in case you might ask in the future.

I have Mozilla and its fine.

He changed it earlier. I was trying to post that, but the spam block was blocking me for about 20 minutes, so I gave up.