To Metroid or not to Metroid?

I’ve seen Metroid Prime 1 for 20 euros and MP2 for 35 and was thinking of grabbing them so that I’ll have played all of them Metroids (apart from Hunters). Anything I should know?

I’m also getting Wind Waker:mwahaha:

Yes. 1 is an incredible game, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by buying it. 2 is more of the same, but not as good from what I’ve played. Still great, though.

I don’t know how that translates into in US dollars, but YES. Get them.

Prime 2 may not be as good as 1, but that’s a matter of opinion. They’re both damn solid games.

MP1 for 20 euros is a must-buy, but you could probably find MP2 cheaper if you shopped around a bit. Of course, if you can’t, just get it anyway. :slight_smile:

Gosh, I still haven’t finished the first game yet… don’t laugh too much, but I get scared when I play!

No! Dear god, Mint-person, Super Metroid was one of the only things that creeped me out when I was younger. Metroid Prime did the exact same thing. The Pirate-jumping-out-from-nowhere type stuff isn’t my thing, but the game managed the same slightly-uneasy atmosphere as the SNES game.

And then there’s the first time you run into the Chozo ghosts, of course…

One word: SA-X. shudder

GG Crono: Yes. I can still hear its footsteps …

I love you people. The music of the first A-Metroid hatching in Metroid II still gives me the creeps and I preferably turn down the volume before fighting any Metroid in that game.

I suppose SA-X can easily destroy you while it reads the newspaper and plays Super Mario Bros? That was the case in Fusion (justified by the storyline at least).

Thanks for the feedback.

Oh, gosh, I forgot about playing Metroid Fusion! SA-X

The SA-X scared me beyond words can say. Jus tthe thought that somewhere out there, a Samus Clone with all her abilities was searching for me, tracking me OH SHIT THERE IT IS RUN!

And I can NEVER RUN FAST ENOUGH. Goddammit…

Hmm … I think I’m gonna have to make me my own mix of the SA-X “OH SHIT RUN” theme …

I remember that MP2 had a mutiplayer mode, but I don’t think that’s worth a 15 euro markup in price.

I also didn’t like the ghosts in MP1 but mostly due to the fact that they were a pain to kill and they respawned as soon as you left the room. Thank God that the Power Beam had the highest rate of fire in that game.

Which leads me to why I like MP1 more than 2. It was due to the beams. In MP1 the game’s beams were not only like the classics from which they took there names, but they were also balanced in function. Whereas MP2’s beams were completely new to the series, but each of them minus the Power Beam was limited in use along with ammo. The Power Beam was the one of the only weapons that could be used indefinitely.

I liked MP2’s beams. They were unique, which is nice, and the ammo for them was not terribly difficult to come by; killing things with the Dark Beam usualy yielded Light ammo, and vice-versa.

The multiplayer mode, however, is very sub-par. It’s fun to play once or twice for the sheer novelty value, but otherwise, it just feels like a last-minute, thrown-together add-on. Skip it.

Hm, the beams got ammo? Don’t worry about the multiplayer, I probably won’t pay too much attention to it.

Let’s not forget the Metal Gear Samus portion of Zero Mission. It’s nothing for me NOW, but the FIRST time I went through that segment? Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly stealthy, and my heart was racing the entire time. ‘asdjfhaskdjhfsdjf Space Pirate! RUUUUUUUUUUUN!’

As for the Primes, I have the first and it is most certainly worth picking up. I have not touched Prime 2, I’ve heard it’s ‘suckier’ than the first but it might still be worth picking up if you really like the series and it’s cheap. I may still get it yet myself if I come across it for real cheap.

The Second for me seemed to lack a little bit of polish and a competent multiplayer, but was otherwise a good game like the first. It also lacked the means to get the Fusion Suit (or was that just the ability to play the original).

Btw, those ghosts on the wrecked ship in Super Metriod were the guys that freaked me the most. (Of course at the time Wall Masters in LttP did roughly the same thing, enemies that could appear anywhere even if you got them the last time and attack you 0_o).

MP1 is an excellent game. MP2 is a shell of MP1. It is similar, but hollow. I didn’t enjoy it. I found it tedious and frustrating and uninspiring.

I’ll have to agree. MP1 was perfection, I didn’t even finish MP2. :frowning:

I recieved MP2 for free two years ago.

I traded it in for a controller five days later.

Get MP1 first if you’re thinking about getting either.

And play with the lights off.