To Helena

This poem is based on <i>A Midsummer Night’s Dream</i>. I hope you like it.

<i>To Helena</i>

Kind Helena, why do you weep and flee?
We gaze upon your tender-falling tears,
Hear trembling breaths, your suitor’s flattery,
And ask: why run away as your love nears?
Is his politeness merely mockery?
Blithely over-courteous, he appears.
You sense, perhaps, a rascal’s roguery,
A cheerful cruelty meant to crush your cheers.
Even yet, he pursues you tirelessly!
Has such vigor ever impelled such sneers,
As lie on the quivering lips you see?
Could such lips produce such invective smears?
Fond Helena, dry your tears, we appeal;
This gentle fellow’s courtesy is real.

I like it! I would replace “Has” on line 10 with “With”, though.

Thank you. I think I see how you’re reading line 10, as a continuation of 9, but it’s actually a new sentence.

Very nice. I am not very familiar with the play, but it sounds like you know it well.

that play was just hiliorus

I’ve only watched a crazy movie that involved an… erm… updated version of the play, but that was pretty funny too.