To everyone who doesn't have a siamese fighting fish

I bought one today, and that makes me better than you are. They’re the coolest fish ever.

Dude, fish suck.

The only things fish suck on are the pellets I give them. My fish food is imported from Japan, no joke, bitches.

Go back to china.

I’d like to see your siamese fighting fish beat up my cats.

Stop waving your penis around! It can’t beat up your cats, but it could sure as hell beat them in a most-therapeutic-pet competeition, bastard!

Have you gotten anything in return for your newfound love of fish?

Think about it. You should know what I mean.

Phish sucks.

Well I used to breed them, does that make me better than you, hades?

I like fish.
They taste good.

If that’s you in your avatar, then yes!

That is Zeppelin, you ninny!

I’d like to see your cats beat up this fish.

This thread’s awesome. We need more threads about fish. And you can quote me.

Now THAT is an ugly fish.

So what does this fish of yours look like, Hades?

Did you put it in a tank with some kind of reflective surface?

“I didn’t know you could do those things with fish!”

Ackbar is the only aquatic organism for me. Other than Flipper.

I think this fish would easily eat you fish hades its a world record catfish but it wasn’t caught on a pole it was noodled. lousy cheaters.

Huge catfish