To everyone using MSN and Trillian/Miranda/Whatever...

You might wish to consider an alternative. Like Jabber.


Aw crap. Bastards.

I agree with the move since its pretty shitty Trillian wants its users to pay for the full version. I use MSN separately anyway.

Looks like I’ll be getting an automatic update soon, then. uses Windows messenger anyway

Well, you don’t need the full version of Trillian, you can get along just fine with regular Trillian. And they may release some patch to circumvent this. Otherwise it looks like I’m screwed.

Old. Very old.

The makers of IM client I’m using are into discussions with Microsoft, since Microsoft is still encouraging third party clients. I guess they have problems coming to a decision.

I haven’t used Trillian in months.

who the hell uses msnim

Recently it’s popularity boosted it to the #2 IM I think. It was sitting at #3 under ICQ earlier.

For cause, MSN is on every frigging computer that works with Windows. Thus, its accesible everywhere you go.

Originally posted by Silhouette
who the hell uses msnim

I use MSN

Originally posted by Silhouette
who the hell uses msnim

I use msn, albeit, in the form of Trillian. ICQ is out now. I remember like 2 years ago everyone had ICQ, now no one uses it anymore for some reason.

I seriously pity anyone that uses MSN. It sucks ass. I will never understand why some people actually like it.

I use MSN and ICQ. I like both actually…

That would explain why my MSN thing isn’t working with Trillian. O_o;;

No, that’s probably just you, becasue MSN still works with my Trillian, and I know I’m not the only one that is works for.

<shamelesspimpage>Seriously, you guys should try out Miranda, it supports so many more protocols than Trillian does, and is actually more sleek and slimmed down. Not to mention free. =)

Get it at </shamelesspimpage>

The reason ICQ dropped in popularity is that AOL Bought it out
(So now we have AOL ICQ, and Netscape AIM)