To anyone that plays World of Warcraft

Activision Blizzard gave me a code for a free year of WoW and another code that gives access to the Wrath of the Lich King beta. Technically I’m not supposed to sell these, but I can give them away to a friend if I so desire. Technically.

Hmm…sounds interesting. Though I haven’t played WoW for almost a year now (being busy with school and work and all…).

The key word here is technically.

Ok…can I be your friend? lol

(no I mean I want to exchange these for some amount of money)

Already in the beta.

In that case…PM with whatever you got in mind.

Probably like half off the retail price for a year of WoW, so like 75. As for the beta, maybe 25, it goes for way more then that I guess but it’s worthless to me so whatev.

Meh, I’ll pass. Thinking about it, I probably won’t have any time to mess around with any of it for the next few months. Thanks for offering though.

Yeah it’s really not worth it to anyone unless they’re already paying for WoW and plan on doing so for a while, no big deal.

I don;t play, but my sister does, and I owe hera birthday gift. Can we still talk? if I don;t count as a friend, that’s cool.

I was being technical. So yes if you want it you can get it.

Found a friend of mine who wants it.


Jesus man, you call yourself his friend? You just gave him something equivalent to cancer.