To any regular visitors of my page..

As you all know, summer’s coming. [Everybody] yay. That’ll mean I’m out of school [Me] Yay!, but there’s one tiny teeny problem. I can’t scan during the summer break, unless:

a) I find a scanner available to use, or
b) I buy one.

a) is somewhat possible, if luck is on my side.
I won’t do b) until I’m 100% confident of my own skills/bank account balance.

So, you’ll have to say bai bai to new artwork from me for awhile, but don’t worry! I’ll try to make an extra huge effort for a BIG update before the summer break, and who knows, I might even GASP CHANGE THE LAYOUT!!!

So, I’ll try my best to post some new ‘quality’ artwork before summer starts, okay?

Of course, being not able to scan might give me that extra boost towards writing fanfics, hmm? :wink:

YaY! SUMMER!! jumps up and down. Stops looks at maba Good luck friend! Yay summer!! Must visit Maba’s site!!