To all WoW players

This comic is made of win.

The warlock makes me think of Sinistral. He really, really does. It’s scary, and his warlock in the game is scary too.

I enjoyed that. XO

What else am I supposed to do?

Yeah, Sin’s automatic reaction to finding something new is to kill it. :stuck_out_tongue: But there’s not enough demon enslaving in this comic!

Throwing around enslaved infernals is the greatest thing ever.


And not WoW…, but wow…

It’s all about the Warlock.

Well, it was mostly the exchange between Richard and the BE.

Hunter: “By the gods! They look like children!”
Warlock: “I know. It’s hard to kill just one.”

That just made be think of you, man.

I hope it will go on for a long time without a drop in quality. Only 18 pages yet I laughed loudly many times.

edit: With the evil kind of laughter mostly.