To all those Simpsons fans on RPGC.

This is really creative .

I realize that YTMND isn’t seen very highly amongst these boards, but I thought these were hilarious when I found them today.

Missed one.

Edit; There should be music to each of them, if it doesn’t come up immedietly, wait for it; or install the newest plugins for Quicktime.

Edit2; The games which are parodied, from first to last are FF5, Lufia II, FF7, SoM, FF6, and FF4.

I didn’t find it that creative.

Do you have blue hair irl?

No. I have a mixture of purple, orange, brown, red, blonde, and black.

That thats pretty funny. I only recognized two of the games, but they were still entertaining at the least.


It was funny but the music got really annoying after a while.

It was kinda funny. Homer is the ultimate evil in every rpg. Wooo!

I’m not impressed by YTMND, but the Lufia one was okay. I appreciate the image they used for it.

They’re all stupid! Nothing’s happening in them. It’s just pictures with music!

Ugh. A little too random for my tastes. And I’ve seen that idea done before (with other people) anyways (and with better animation/music). And even then I thought it was bleh.

Not good. :ohnoes:

The music isn’t too bad, but the only really cool one is the Lufia 2 one.

Get to the chorus of the sephiroth one.
You will enjoy it.