To all those hair-dye elitists out there.

I’m an avid hair-dyer, and I was wondering some shit.

I just dyed my hair orange, but planning on putting purple in there too. Can I do this immedietly, or I have to wait awhile?

By purple and orange, I mean I put orange first, then dye some places with purple. Can this be done? Can purple go over orange and turn out purple?

Yeah. k tnx

Depends on the dye, but I’d figure yeah. The best way to test is to use a hair clipping.

Yeah, going from a light to dark is a good way to do it.
I’d say take a small bit of hair, small meaning you-won’t-notice-if-it’s-cut-out small, clump of hair and dye it the color, and see whether or not you like the color, and go from there. If you don’t like it, get rid of it. if you like it, go forward with dying the rest.

So it would not have worked if I put purple first, then orange?

I originally had black hair, and tried to dye it orange. The roots, which were a brown (natural), were dyed, the the black remains.

Would purple overgo black?

Dark - > light is harder to do. And you don’t get darker than black :stuck_out_tongue:

For comparison:

<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“Free Image Hosting at” /></a>
My natural hair color.

<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“Free Image Hosting at” /></a>
My first dyed hair color.

<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“Free Image Hosting at” /></a>
My hair right now.

I’ll have another image, when my hair will be complete. I’ll post it when I actually finish it, which is tomorrow.

Yes, this is true. My design and painting instructors say that you should mix the darker colours into the lighter colours, and not the other way around. So theoretically, the purple should cover the orange.

But I’m not doing my whole head of hair purple over orange, just in places. It didn’t turn out like I wanted anyways. I only wanted purple and orange. But instead I’m gonna have black in there too. If purple would go over black, then it’d work awesome.

Would it beable to go over black given it’s a certain brand of hair-dye?

Just know that you’re killing the proteins in your hair.

Setz, we answered your questions, stop wasting board space by asking it over and over again. If you want to do something with your hair, stop being a pussy and do it. If you’re worried it’ll look like ass, comfort yourself with the knowledge that there is little you can do to make it worse.

You guys only answered my second question, but not my first.

First, why in the hell are you doing orange and purple. Seriously. Day-amn. Ugly shit.

First, bleach your hair. Seriously. You’ll look like a dumbfuck thirteen-year-old kid who thinks he’s punx if you try and dye black hair.

Then, if it’s a dark purple:
Then dye the parts you want to be purple purple.
Then dye the whole thing orange.

If it’s more of a fuschia:
Dye the whole thing orange.
Clip off the hair you want purple.
carefully dye that purple.

These have worked for my friends with a striped mohawk, leopard spots (shave your head to fuzz and dye the fuzz in the pattern of leopard spots) and zebra-stripes (do that, only zebra instead of leopard), so they should work easy enough.

Yes, you can do it immediately, that is, once it’s dry you can go at it again. And yes, always go from light to dark, the other way around works sometimes, but very very often it either doesn’t work at all or it fails miserably and looks very shitty.

Dayamn Setz, you a hottie

I’d hit it

lol, sometimes you make me laugh so hard Ramza :stuck_out_tongue:


Good God, I just go to my stylist when I want some color. It costs more, but I have someone right there to fix it if something goes horribly wrong (which it never does :D).

Yeah, just finished doing the purple, it’s just drying up now.

Why do I need alimunium foil on my head? >:(

To keep the CIA from sending signals to your brain.

Besides that?

I just want to dye a girl’s hair green and call her Terra!