To all the BoF fans here (That's Eva and Me).

Breath of Fire II Enhancement project.

I’m usually skeptical about fan-made additions but I have to admit this looks sexy. And even if it’s translated from German which was in turn translated from Japanese, it’s still gotta be better than the original job Capcom made.

I don’t understand why they don’t just go the extra step and translate the text from the original Japanese. With all the work they’ve done it seems kind of silly to settle for a “2nd hand” translation of the original Japanese.

Maybe the German guy only knows German and Japanese and the English translator only knows German and English?

Omg! That’s orgasmic!

That looks cool. I’m also a BoF fan. The game already looked gorgeous for the SNES.

You know, I really thought BoF2 was a fine game with a bad translation… I’ll keep an eye on this.


Wow. That looks awesome.

It will be cool, as long as they still call whale cakes whale cakes

Looks intriguing, though I hope that the transparent menus are optional.

It’ll still be better than BoF3.

SG: Zing!

Why, OH WHY did I finish BoF2 on GBA a few days ago!?

Relax, it doesn’t look like it’ll be done in a while.

That’s awesome! I’m going to watch this. I’d love to see this complete.

And that mp3 they did is totally kick-ass, too. Impressive!

That’s Owaranai Ai (Unending Love), a song made for BoFII in Japan. They got it off and didn’t even change the file names.

Are they completely redoing the audio, or are they just switching up a couple of the songs?

Agreed entirely.

Seraphim’s new avatar makes me want to play BoF2 even more, right now ;_; Every part of me is just aching for it.

Where were you people the other day when I was trying to defend BoF2 in the chat… -_-

Sorry, I can’t go to the chat, I can’t write fast enough. In any case, I would like to know what kind of argument you used to defend BoFII, because while I love the game more than my own life, I admit it’s pretty crappy.