'tis the time to brag...

So what did y’all get for presents?

I got:

Queen’s “Greatest Hits”
Story of the Year’s “Page Avenue”
Seether’s “Karma & Effect”
Metallica’s “Garage Inc.”
Rocky Horror Picture Show OST
Gladiator OST
Jimmy Eat World’s “Futures”
The Arrogant Worm’s “Gift Wrapped”
The Black Mages’ “The Black Mages”
The Black Mages’ “The Skies Above”
The Island DVD
Domino (the porn movie) VHS*
iPod Nano
New hoodie (I loves it)
Lots of gift cards

*I wrote down “Domino,” assuming they knew it meant the movie this year with Keira Knightley about the bounty hunter named ‘Domino’ but they didn’t.

Another car.

Nothing yet, were opening presents in a little bit because we have to wait for one of my brothers to get home.

I got…

Eight new shirts
A Hoodie (yay!)
Two pairs of sweatpants (no clue)
DVDR Drive
iPod portible sterio
Two random board games
Kickass Dragon ashtray
EARTHBOUND (YES! :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven: )

That’s about it!

Wireless Router
GTA: Liberty City Stories
Batman Begins

I got

-Sirius Satellite Radio
-Dragon Quest 8
-Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms
-Frog pajama’s
-Larry the Cable Guy pajamas
-Larry the Cable Guy GitRDone novel
-You might be a Redneck book
-Portable CD player
-Memory card
-A few truffles
-Cofee candy

I’m not a redneck, I just like redneck comedy

I got exactly what I wanted: Botox and Liposuction! Now I’m 123lbs lighter and I look 20 years younger. ;x

I got a rock.

I’m not fucking kidding, I got a rock with a ribbon tied around it. And some other stuff, but really, the rock wins out.

Well when it comes to me ;rarely do people give me the traditional surprise gift, they take me shopping for basically whatever I ask instead ,so:

*lots of clothes shopping
*Ipod and surround system
*CD case, I needed a smaller one

Im still waiting for more actually…

Hmmm, I got:

  • Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
  • A full tank of gas
  • $10 gift card for Blockbuster
  • $75 dollars, of which I still have roughly $55. I’ll probly use them to buy Shadow Hearts 1 and 2.

ipod radio system thing

I got some random music from my cousin, a borrowed Red Alert, lots of clothes, Zelda: The Wind Waker and a new harddrive. 300 (after formatting) sweet gigs of extra space. :smiley:

-Battlefield 2
-Resident Evil 4
-Nip/Tuck Season 2
-Sin City
-End of Evangelion
-Shadow of the Collosus
-Sooooo many giftcards + cash
-a sweet track jacket (http://www.s4l.com/subcategories/subcategory_id=ironfist-clothing/) its like that but a track jacket

Gift cards (spa, clothing store, video store)
Two layering shirts
Window frame mirror for when I finally get a house
Scarf and hat
Stocking stuffers (bathroom products, gum, mints)

For presents to myself, I got my Gamecube before Christmas along with Metroid Prime. After that (and thankfully before Christmas), I got Wind Waker, the Wind Waker guide, and the Zelda:OoT Master Quest disc on eBay for a little under $40.

Now I need to order a new coat and some new shoes, and maybe some jeans that fit. Then, it’s back to the house hunting. :smiley:

  • a new dishwasher

  • a super soft black knit jacket

  • a black henley shirt

  • other miscellaneous clothing items

  • a bigass bottle of vitamin C

  • a $50 EB giftcard (which, when coupled with the cash I have put aside, I shall buy a DS and a game or two with)

  • a black crochet Juliet cap made by my mum ^^


Is it at least a pretty rock? >.>

I wish I got a rock. :confused:

But yeah:
Sketch Pad;
Pencils for it;
Book on portrait drawing;
Book on C++ programming;
Six foot staff (a bo for those of you interested) for karate;
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new version);
A ball point pen;
A Terry’s Chocolate Orange;
A hoody;
250Euro voucher for Jack n Jones (from my rich single spoiling Aunt);
Socks and underpants.

And my family being together, we have such an awesome time when we are. ^.^

And damn, now I wish I’d got something cool like a rock. Trade?

A calendar
A razor
Lots of chocolate

I was very happy with my presents this year. Here’s a list to the best of my short term memory:

Suikoden Tactics (PS2)
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GCN)
The Apprentice (TV game)
A ton of candy (dark, milk, and orange chocolate)
Work clothes (I’m too lazy and cheap to buy them myself)
Batman Begins
Batman Anthology
Mini digiatal/web camera