Tips and such I have learned myself from experience and from others

  1. Use purify on people resting that need it and not on people in battle. The thing is someone healed in battle will probably just lose all that HP in an instant. While someone healed out of the current round will be able to come back with a good amount of HP. Allowing you to use HP as a shield more often.

  2. Life Protection reduces the chance of LP damage and how much you take. And it stacks. But remember you can still take max LP damage an attack gives sometimes. Especially if HP is at 0. It just makes it rarer.

  3. I try to work with what I get. If I have Laura using Swords and she gets a level 4 axe panel or level 4 spear panel as a choice while having no level 4 sword panel. Then I will put down a level 4 axe panel for example and switch her to using axes.

The thing is panels are random so it may not be a good idea to hold out for a level 4 sword panel in this example. And with say the level 4 axe panel I can easily use level 4 axe skills. As the level 4 axe panel will cause two orange panel in a row on the reel when I use an axe tech where I have learned the level 4 version.

  1. Get defuse, lock smith and fortune teller. Many good treasure chests seem to explode so defuse can help. Lock Smith will allow you to open chests without having to break them which can shatter them.

And fortune teller actualy changes the item. I even got an item changed to a magic tablet using fortune teller. Perhaps it is possible if you hit the red X with fortune teller lowering the level of the chest and then get the level back up to the same level. It may be a totally different item. But that’s hard to test.

  1. Allied combos are stronger because they seem to add more percentage to the combo rate.

  2. Quick Fix is your friend. With it you can fight longer and still rely on your strongest tech. As are familiars and melee attacks. So you can fight longer without having to rely on remembering to quick fix.

  3. Sunken City has fish that come up automatically after a certain number of turns. Regal Lion’s Treasures has a green aquan that you can force fights with repeatedly. Take advantage of both to a fast flow of battles to build up your magic tablets.

  4. Limit your number of mages. Magic can be tedious to learn even if you know the tricks. And Fusion Magic you can get from using Magic Blender requires a variety of spells on the same person. Of course getting magic blender is a luck thing.

  5. Never save at the Tetra Force over your main save. ESPECIALLY at Nakle Lines. No way to level up more.

  6. It seems the number of missions you have done may effect the level of the end panels in later missions. I am not so sure yet.

  7. Skill and Strength or Skill and Magic are very important stats depending on whether or not you are a fighter or mage. As this effects HP and LP damage.

  8. At hard enemy tries to have a person combo with himself as this will increase his chances of learning a tech it seems.

  9. If you are facing a hard and easy enemy. Concentrate on the hard enemy. The easy enemy can use up turns the hard enemy would have other wised use.

  10. At first high LP damages should attack last in boss battles. Since having them attack while the HP shield is still high may be a waste of time. Once the boss starts taking LP damage have them attack first. By pressing left or right during the reel part of course.

  11. You can do actions in any order you want once the reels start spinning. However the order you choose for the five actions determines how the battle party is set. Think of it this way the first person you have act will be in the front row risking more damage and the last person will be in the back row risking less damage. Supposing you had multiple people act.

  12. Never over use someone. Rotate all members to lessen LP damage. This is highly important for the final battle where only some LP is restored before it.

  13. How much the bar on a spell you are learning moves depends on the panel you hit, the area you are at and the spell you are trying to learn. Hitting a fire panel while in the desert trying to learn Fire arrows is good. Hitting a none water panel in the desert trying to learn rain bringer is not.

  14. So if learning seems slow try a different area or learn another spell instead. As simple as that.

  15. Battles do matter. As your items gain skills after enough fighting, as well the need to fight battles to learn magic and tech skills. And the more battles you fight in conjunction with the rank of the enemies the better your panels.

  16. Each adventure has a rank probably that determines the base level of the panels at the end of a scenario. This may explain why a scenario with no fighting that can last a short few turns can get blue panels instead of green the weakest.

  17. Make sure the second slot always has a weapon with parry (dagger), deflect (sword) or block (staff). Or at least a shield. This way you you can stop attacks hopefully.

  18. The more attacks an enemy has done the higher chances you can combo. Do not try to combo against people who seem to be anti-combo. Some enemies seem to delay attacks just to interrupt combos.

  19. Try casting five spells as it is a very slow action. This can help a lot in getting a level 5 combo. Great for reducing HP of boss really fast. Provided they are not anti-combo.

  20. You may be better off going for a level 2 combo. As the boss may use up all his or her actions by the time you get around to the last two actions.

  21. Try to combo a spell into a level 4 tech. This way if the spell is interrupted you won’t lose much damage. As opposed to a possible level 4 tech automatically becoming a weak level 1 tech.

At the same time it is easier to time the Go Reel over the Hold Reel in the background. Hence you want the tech reel spinning where the Go Reel is. So you can easily hit it. And thus get max effect.

  1. If a boss likes to use mass hit attacks you are probably better off reducing your party size down. As three losing two LP is better than five lose losing two LP.

  2. Decide on the seven you want to use as the number of quests are often limited. And while anyone can be good, you’ll want to give them the most chances. So make the choice early once you have the nine members. Of course you could always decide the seven you have are good enough and never worry about the other two.

  3. Yes the enemies do get harder as you take more steps. However it is better to have level 3-5 panels at the end due to fighting hard enemies then to try and take on the final areas with level 1-3 panels.

  4. In other words you may be better of letting the enemies get harder. Thus resulting in better moves learned and better panels. Which will help for enemies you have to face. And it seems some areas have automatic high rank enemies anyway.

  5. Of course just wasting turns with no real benefit is stupid. Hence why you should do things like fight the school of fishes in Sunken City or the Aquan in Regal Lion’s Treasure or focus on Chest collection. Fighting the enemies of course is to build up your tablets are to win some.

  6. It seems the treasure chests may contain the better magic tablets than the ones won in battle. But I’m not so sure about that.

  7. Fugar’s Mansion Adventure to get back the Gem is short and results in bad panels. But sometimes an adventure has to be done before another one can come up. Also by doing this short adventure you can do this.

First see if someone has level 2 quick fix a skill you may need if you have no quick fix. If no one has a chance to put it down then reset. And try again. It won’t take very much time to do the quest over again. Of course resetting to get a level 2 quick fix when you have a level 3 quick fix is pointless.

  1. Each plot is its own story. Think of it this way. If _____ was the main then this is how things would change. While other quests may give back information to understand the quest you are in, they should be taken as separate plots.

  2. Many side quests are also main quests depending on the plot. But the way to complete them can vary from the original task.

  3. Don’t expect side quests plots to explain the main plot. Like some did. Like a lot of side quests their plot purpose is to show there is a lot more going on in the world then just your destiny. For example sunken city tells you what happened to a town.

  4. To have a good party rotation I set up my position like this.

  5. Main/Favorite Character if the Mage is a Main.

  6. None Mage

  7. None Mage

  8. Mage/Favorite if no mages, but sometimes they are the same

  9. Mage/Favorite if no mages, but sometimes they are the same

  10. None Mage

  11. None Mage.

I’ll go 1,2,3,4,5 by pressing up on the list. Or is it down? I forget. Or I’ll go 1,7,6,5,4 by pressing down on the list. Or is it up? I forget there too.

The reason is I want to use my two mages all the time. The max amount of mages I think should be had for the casual person. That leaves 5 left.

The main character should be used a lot to make sure he or she has the best chance for survival. So he/she is placed at number 1. So the cycle will always include.

The other four get rotated in two groups of two. Which is why I position them that way. Of course if I have no mages I bias the spots to my favorites. Because working on favorites is a habit of mine.

Obviously one should still work on all seven members. This set up is for the purpose of being able to easily use your three favorites/main and mages the most often. While still having the four none mages or the four who are not your favorites act.

Of course this idea is mainly good if you are just wanting to relax and don’t want to think much about how to fairly use people. If you are into thinking much about how to fairly use people this idea is not needed.

Also it may be better to make the first person not your main or favorite, but a high LP person.

All right that is all for now. Hopefully others have learned a lot too.

  1. Ruby unlike the other six mains has access to a Tetra Force seven times in a row. Ie her last seven dungeons each have one.

This means in her sixth dungeon with the Tetra Force you can have her level up a lot real fast. Since all you need to do is fight battles until your LP is low again. No real objective or time limit to worry about.

And since this is not her last dungeon you are leveling up. Once you get your desired panel levels you can then just beat the boss and be safely on the world map to do whatever you want.

  1. For tip 37, I recommend mostly level 4 panels if you want to be really strong. If not so patient Level 3 with some level 4. And if real patient wait for level 5 panels.

  2. Try to hold off on adventures until you have more party members.

  3. People will seem weak at first, but don’t flip-out. Usually in just a few scenarios they can get good enough panels to catch up with others. Especially since they can gain access to nearly the same level panels as you at the end of a scenario.

  4. When you first start a quest your best bet may be to do this. Attack with melee three times then combo melee with with a weapon attack. This will conserve your durability. This can also be risky though as the enemy may last longer. So your best may be to combo two weapon attacks together.

  5. Do not try to combo Guns as anything, but the last action. They can easily end up doing random shot making the gun useless.