Timestalker for Dreamcast.

Has any of you played it? If so, whatcha can tell me 'bout it?

I found it somewhere for 15 bucks, and I can SFA3 for itplus five bucks for it.
There is also Resident Evil Code Veronica(Never played) at 20 and Power Stone 1…or 2, I forgot wich, for 15 also.

Any thoughs?

And befor someone ask, no, I dint found Skies of Arcadia.

My friend told me it was good, but it probly wasn’t for everyone. The one odd thing he told me about Time Stalkers is that you start at level 1 every time you enter a dungeon, which could probly get obnoxious. Also, it’s not a very good story as far as I’ve heard. If you find it for cheap, you could take a shot at it. I know you’re probly as big on gameplay as I am, and it couldn’t hurt if you can’t find anything else you’re interested in.

RE:CV was pretty good, as far as Resident Evil goes.

I actually own the game; although I haven’t played it much and it has spent most of it’s time collecting dust. It’s alright enough, I don’t like the battle system, though.
Looking at the other games you listed. I think I’ll rather reccomend those.