Times Square for New Years

I’m back from New York, and I must say that if anyone ever has the chance to go to New York City for New Years, they should definitly go to Times Square. Yes, the entertainment isn’t all that great (a drunken Cindi Lauper (sp?)), and it can be pretty cold (30ish degrees), and it’ll make your feet+back hurt (standing for 8 or so hours), but once that clock strikes midnight and the ball hits, there really is no other feeling like it. I heartily encourage anyone to expierence it.

Plus, you meet really cool people; especially this year, where the security was extra tight, so a lot of us impatient people crammed together make a hell of a peanut gallery.

New York City is the debil!

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate NYC!!!

But I’m glad you had fun there none the less, I guess I’m just damned for all eternity to hate giant citys like NYC.

Did you see Phantom of the Opera there?

I watched Times Square ring in the New Year on TV one hour after I did. You know that comedy show, with the androgenous camera person or whoever it is. Come on, I don’t watch tv often.

Looked pretty crowded.

You probably mean Dick Clarks New Year’s show, which is called something like “Dick Clark Rocks in the New Year” or something. Yea, most people watch that.

Yes, I saw Phantom of the Opera there, I also saw Chicago and an off Broadway play called I love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change.