Time to move to Canada

What should I do if I’m going to be recalled and court-martialed?


Canada deports deserters now.

As a soldier you agreed to die for our oil.

There is basically no Western country you can hide out in anymore if you area deserter. Sure, you could hide out in some 3rd world shit hole for a while, but these countries will not defend you. Your passport will run out eventually, and then you’ll be back where you started, except you’ll have exacerbated your problem.

Honestly, if you’re serious, if you can make your way to the French Foreign Legion, that is your best bet. They are much more picky then they used to be, but if you’ve got combat experience (it sounds like you might), they will probably gladly take you. Immediately upon joining you must surrender your passport and citizenship, and you will be given a new name. Upon completion of your duty, you will be a French citizen, and France will not extradite its own citizens (look at Roman Polanski)

Have some honor, for Chrissakes. Face the consequences of your actions.

Go blow up a courthouse.

It is unfortunately true, however there are many towns, particularly in western Canada which do and will harbor those who’ve left the military and seek refuge. Doesn’t mean it’s legal, but it happens.


So what brought this on?

He realized the glorious propaganda of the American military was a lie and it was really an imperialistic tool of oppression and internationally accepted violence?


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Anyway, I suggest fleeing to South America. Of course if you can’t speak Spanish, French, or Portuguese you are SOL. If you are American, you won’t speak any of those.

I am glad someone here is finally speaking the truth. :smiley:


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We really do need more info here.

Another option is to try and get out of the country and marry into citizenship of another country. Only a Western country though. Asian countries don’t grant citizenship to spouses. Not sure about South America. I assume you’re fleeing the military and thus wouldn’t want to join another military. Do you even have a normal passport, or just your military one? If you don’t have a normal passport with a few years left, you might as well just turn yourself in now and beg for leniency.

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You should suck it up, do your deployment, then wait for your contract to end and get out. Running is a stupid way out and deployments aren’t so bad as to fuck up your life by running.

Also, mind if I ask what branch you’re in, what your rank is, and where you’re deploying to?

You should not listen to Info; he’s been brainwashed by his crazy military service. It isn’t running, it’s murder if you stay. :3

PS: Venezuela has no extradition laws to the USA.


FUCK YOU!!! You piece of fucking shit. It isn’t murder, there are rules of engagement and limits on killing. It is war and self-defense. I haven’t been brain washed dumbshit, I’m actually planning on getting out when my obligated time is up. I’m deploying in a couple months and it caused my girlfriend and I to break up. I’m not a big of active duty either with going to the field every 2 or 3 weeks for 2 weeks straight and digging a whole out in the desert to take a shit. So shut the fuck up and stop calling me a murder you dumbshit who doesn’t know the definition or meaning or murder. Also, he signed and obligation and a contract and knew what he was getting into before he signed up, so he must fulfill that obligation. While Iraq may not really be for self-defense, Afghanistan is and calling military service murder is retarded and saying a country can’t defend itself without committing grave injustices.

Eden, you are a fucking dumbass and an asshole. Fuck you.

It kind of sounds like he’s already going to be court martialed, so that might not be an option anyway

[QUOTE=Infonick]You should suck it up, do your deployment, then wait for your contract to end and get out. Running is a stupid way out and deployments aren’t so bad as to fuck up your life by running.[/quote

Unless of course he gets killed or critically injured…it is the military after all.

Given the way it’s setup now, I’d agree it’s stupid to run. You will get caught. It’s ridiculous that you can be jailed for wanting to leave the military, however. Nobody ever agrees with me on this, but we dupe and lie to our young 17 and 18 year old boys about the glories of joining the military. They join up, dedicate 4 or years of their life, some of the best years of their life, and at laest some of them quickly come to regret their decision. You can say they knew what they were signing up for, but how much does a 18 year old really even understand? We don’t let 18 year olds buy alcohol, because we don’t trust their ability to make choices involving dangerous things, but yet we let them have a gun and run wild in some hellhole counry. They get deployed over and over to some of the most dangerous places in the world, and not just a few of them end up scarred for life, unable to hold down a job or a relationship, relying on government welfare and food stamps for the rest of their life, often getting involved in drugs and even ending up in prison. How does this help society at all? There needs to be an easier way to get out of the military without sucking a cock.