Time Splitters: Future Perfect

Ok, first off i wanna say that TS:FP rocks. I loved TS2 and this is much better. However, im having a freakin problem and it really ticks me off.

My data corrupts like constantly. It did it a few times with TS2 too. Is this my fault (turning it off before it saves) or is it the game? I really doubt it was me ALL FOUR TIMES. Maybe i just suck though. Any thoughts?

Oh, and if you care i havn’t been here for like months.

Well I have a few suggestions. First off make sure it has finished doing everything (like saving) before turning off. If it still corupts, try a different memory card. It maybe the one you use doesn’t like the game. Again if that doesn’t work, try it at on a mates PS2.

And if all else fails, take it back.