Time is like a river, and history repeats

So, back in the 80’s, when everyone had Apple IIs, my dad asked me what computer I wanted. I said that I wanted a Commodore 64. At the time, he could have gotten an Apple for the same price as a Commodore through a friend of his who worked at Apple (Commodore was known for being the cheapest on the market back then), but I wanted a C64, dammit. I got one in 1985, and I’ve never been happier with any computer since.

Well, I’m finally thinking about getting a portable music player. I looked at all of the different brands, especially Apple, since that’s what everyone seems to want these days (an iPod, obviously), and in my searching, I happened to come across another lesser known brand, and now I must own one of these devices:

<A HREF=“http://www.commodoreshop.com/?Id=2&Category=1&Product=40”>Behold, the Commodore eVic!</A>

20 GB iPod: $299 USD.
20 GB eVic: €249 Euros.

With the current rate of conversion, that puts the eVic at about 8 dollars more than the iPod, plus whatever the horrendous shipping rate from Europe would be. But, honestly, I saved money with Commodore in the past, and was happy with it. I feel like I owe them now.

You think its advertisement is a big enough rip off though? I mean, it’s basically multicolored iPod people. And the name. iPod. eVic. HAH. >.>

Yeah, I thought that was pretty funny, too. Though VIC has been a name that Commodore has used for at least 25 years (The VIC-20 was a Commodore computer from the early 80’s). Their other device that they offer now is the mPet, a combination music player/flash drive. Its name (PET) comes from the hardware of the C64.

It’s funny you bring this up.

I got a letter today from the Apple Claims department. Apparently there is a case pending the Superior Court of California in regards to Third Generation Ipod battery failure. Being the owner of a 3G iPod, I got a letter asking me if I wanted to replace my iPod battery or get store credit.

So my advice currently is to make SURE you get a new 4th Generation iPod, because as it seems now - Apple is openly admitting that the 3rd Generation iPods have serious battery defects.

Otherwise, I’ve been very happy with my iPod. The space and the ease of use is great. I reccomend one fully.

Yeah, but they don’t have the little C= logo on them, do they? :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t look anything like a Commondore! Booo!

If time were like a river, History couldn’t possibly repeat itself. You need to learn your Heraclitus better.

Just thought I’d be a random ass, please carry on.

My iSin is a wonderful little piece of equipment I carry around religiously. If you’re buying from Europe, Sat, watch out for 2 things: customs costs and shipping. It might jack it up 100$.

Commodore (and later tandy) used to be based out of my hometown. I walk past their old corporate offices everyday when i go to school. They’re still empty, and they’re used for a soup-kitchen style thing now. The actual place where they built the machines was split in half, the larger section being out of my town. However, one of their factories is still standing, and today is a warehouse for QVC (also based in my town).


Frankly, I’d reccomend a Creative Nomad. I have one and I <3 it to deaaaaaaaathhhh

The only reason I want an iPod is the iTrip attachment. No more tape deck adapters for me.
; )

I was quoting Secret of Mana.

And Commodore and Tandy were two seperate companies. Tandy owned Radio Shack, Commodore was just a random computer company.

I think I’m gonna e-mail them and see if they can ship to America, and what it’d cost after customs and stuff.

And don’t forget we use other plugs and 250V.

D’oh! Sat beat me to it.

Anyway, I thought I was in the “older” crowd arond here, but I guess not. My first computer (which was really my dad’s work computer) was a Quantex. I wouldn’t be surprised if none of you heard of it, but I sure haven’t. I think it had shitty parts in it or was programmed wrong because it always had weird bugs. I want to say we got it in 1994, it was couple of years before Windows 98 came out, so that means it first had Windows 95. My neighbors had an older computer with Windows 3.11, but I only used it couple of times and that’s the oldest I go at home.

School was a different story. In elementary school we had DOS based machines and used the large floppy disks. I can still remember playing games like Oregon Trail and Odell Lake. Those were fun.

Today, I’m using my first laptop I have ever owned myself. Its a few years old and getting pretty slow, but it’s all I can afford now. Maybe, if I get my bank job this week, I’ll think about buying a new Dell or something. I’m too lazy and I don’t trust my technial skills to build my own yet.

For the love of god, don’t buy a Dell. That’s all I have to say.

[quote=<A HREF="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell%2C_Inc.">Wikipedia</A>]Dell Inc. has sometimes received criticism for the large amount of software included on its systems: some users regard a great deal of it as spyware. Some customers accuse the company of making computers with cheap and unreliable parts.

Consumer groups have also criticized Dell Inc. for treating consumers unfairly. For example, they have accused its customer service of helping businesses faster than individual customers. Customer service critics target Dell Inc.'s outsourcing practices, specifically involving India, claiming they contribute to communication problems between the company and its customers. Dell Inc. has also had numerous criticisms from the Internet community for not offering AMD-based systems, having faulty hardware (most common complaints relate to hard-drive failures, with repeated occurrences even after sending the computer/hard drive in for repair), failing to facilitate upgrading hardware (almost all non-Dell-certified/branded hardware), and the generic monopoly complaints from the Internet/Build Your Own communities. Dell also uses proprietary parts, resulting in certain components like the power-supply and motherboard not fitting or not working at all, and sometimes frying the system if users install different, non-proprietary parts. Dell quality can also suffer due to those (sometimes inferior) parts, as well as due to assembly-line deficiencies. Workers have less than 5 seconds generally to insert a PCI card in its slot, and to screw it in.[/quote]

Everyone’s gonna have a horror story about at least one computer manufacturer or another, but working in computer repair, most of the horror stories I hear are about Dell. If you end up getting one, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Doh! That’s an excellent point you bring up… I’ll ask them when I talk to them if I can recharge its battery through a Firewire or USB port like an iPod can… >_>

I can honsetly say I’ve never had a problem with any of my Dells (family one and personal one). That may change though since I’m about to upgrade the RAM. Dunno though.

Thanks for the warning Sat. I’ve only been thinking about Dell because I have a Gateway now, and I’m not overly impressed with it. I mainly bought my laptop there because I had a Gateway store right near my house in case anything happened to it. Now, that the stores are gone I have to rely on their “excellent customer service.”

Don’t make me laugh. When my laptop was delivered, it didn’t come with any backup MS Office software and when I started it up for the first time, it told me I had 30 days to register the software or else it would stop working. Stirke 1.

After waiting a half hour on the phone, I had to wait almost two weeks to get a damn Office CD, Stike 2.

Lastly, my removable drives weren’t working right. I called them up again and they said they couldn’t help me because my warranty was up and I had to “purchase” more technical assistance, Strike 3 you’re out buddy.

All the computers in my school are Dells and I know because I worked in their IT deparment that they don’t break down often. The other reason I began looking at Dells is because they tended to be cheaper.

Anyway, that’s my computer story. If you were to buy a new desktop, where would you suggest getting it? I’m open to suggestions.