Time for some good, old-fashioned overpopulation


That’s gonna suck for the families of old, rich people.

I really can’t buy into that shit since it seems like everyone wants to live forever. 1000 years? Yeah right, buddy.

Errrgh… I can’t help but think “crackpot”. Aging works the way it works for many reasons I don’t care to go into right now. I have no clue what this man’s project is, but I’m just really skeptical. A guy at my university found an evolutionary way to control aging in Drosophila which would be unethical to do in humans and probably take a millenium if not longer to establish. The point is that its not an applicable method like a drug. Its an evolutionary solution.

The whole reason I posted it was to have a big Sin-essay to read during class tomorrow, don’t dissapoint me now <_<

If this really works, and that’s a huge IF, it would really be a huge screw-up. Living beings age and die, that’s how it works now, that’s how it’s been working since the beginning of time and that’s how I think it should continue. I wouldn’t mind a larger lifespan, like 120, but that’s going too far.

I think we should resolve the overpopulation problem (Terraform Mars or something) before eliminating the only non-controversial population restrictor.

And finally some people are worried that it would mean playing God and going against nature. But it’s unnatural for us to accept the world as we find it.

Wrong. WE are the unnatural ones, there’s nothing natural about stopping one of the universal living procedures.

I also think he’s wrong about getting bored. You get bored of almost everything eventually. Seriously, who wants to live forever. And all the women would be infertile ‘n’ stuff, 'cause I don’t think you can make women make more eggs. Not 100% sure about that, but pretty sure.

Fine TD, I’ll write one tomorrow. I can’t today because I have a final at 8PM tonight and my last fucking final for my degree (YAY)at 8AM tomorrow morning.

Besides the problems with overpopulation and ethics, my main concern is who gets to live to 1000. Most likely, only the richest of idiots (aka a good portion of the rich) will get access to this. Now armed with near-immortality, they’ll turn the world into an apocalyptic hell-hole. Not only that, but they’ll also pour their endless fortunes into stopping the OTHER causes of mortality, and once they’ve passed THAT, they’ll be gods.

I’d say they’d eventually get tired of it and commit suicide or something. That or someone would come along and kill them. But thats just a thought.

Besides, look what those rich guys are capable of in their average 80 years and then think what these people could do in 1000.

That’s a scary thought.

I’d go for it, so long as not everyone gets it. Not likely to happen yet, though. Just give me good, old-fashioned clone-self-and-upload-consciousness tricks and I’ll be fine.

That would be a nice way to make the suicide ratings boom. Eighty years is more than enough. Too much, I’d say.

This should be taken as seriously as “we’ll be able to do time traveling”. In theory, everything’s possible. Applying theory to real world, though, doesn’t always leads to happy results.

2 random thoughts I had on the topic:

How we apply social security to people that live 1000 years if they only work for 40-50 and can’t really reproduce at this stage to produce individuals that will support them?

It is obvious the rich would jump on it first, but I can see that if this happens (which I don’t think it will, I’ll talk about that tomorrow), then middle income people could go for it. They’d pay off their house loans and take another FAT loan for their life extension treatments and they’d be paying off this loan “for the rest of their lives” :P.

Persoanllly that guys one sandwich short of a picnik.

In other works He’s Nuts!!

Big Nutter
I hear that I may have to work to 70 before I can retire and recive a pention

Interesting link that “proves” :

Bibles claims and records, that people could live for centuries. You be the judge and conclude for yourself if the human “engine” had the ability to replicate life giving cells almost indefinitely before we began poisoning the earth and ourselves

Recent scientific discoveries and inquiries seem to more than indicate that human beings had the capacity in time past to live extraordinarily long lives before the cumulative “toxicities” of this planet began to take their toll.


Well, i would’nt mind to live another couple of years.

The bible and Time are Very weird.

Take Gen 1 it say in the English versons about build the heavens and the earth in 6 DAYS & resting for the 7th DAY. The word they use in Hebrew where Day is, isn’t Day but literaly A time Period. (I don’t know how to spell the word).

Moses “Wrote” the First 5 Books after it being passed down bv word of mouth for some time. So Some Wild Guesses are in.

Big Nutter

1000 years is a long enough timespan to die of something other than natural causes. Unless someone is put into suspended animation, there’s no freaking way someone’s gonna live that long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Judging by the size of the Dr.'s beard, I have no choice but agree with him on everything he says.