Time for a bit of Mario love


Brand new gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy, and by god, it looks good. The fat Italian one is back on top of my 'most wanted ‘07’ list after a short Giraffe-inspired hiatus. :slight_smile:

Finally. It’s about damn time that Mario appeared in a awesome platforming game. Add Super Paper Mario and you’ve got one of Mario’s best years since 1996.

My God it’s taken over a decade for Mario to get back in the saddle again. :frowning: At least he’ll have one hell of a comeback.

edit: I also lol’ed the revelation of the fate of Super Mario 128.

It looks really neat, but I can’t figure out what’s going on in the game!

It’s-a me, Mario!

I hope because he’s moving all the time from small platform/planet/satellite to small platform the game doesn’t end up feeling as an extra long mini-game. Then again the whole Nintendo must be developing this thing, so no big worries.

I want to see what they’ll be doing with camera controls.

it’s called galaxy for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, that’s exactly what I thought as well. It seems a bit too confusing for me. >.>

(we’re getting old)

It forced me to watch a trailer for TMNT first.

But, damn, that looks like someone crossbred Super Mario with Spore. (Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to Spore, anyway …)

spore is coming out at the end of this year.

Yeah, that is my fear too. That is my greatest fear for the Wii in general. However, with how well Zelda controled, I’ve got hope (hwoever, the sword mechanics were sort of weak since it was just a more elaborate button and didn’t change the gameplay).

Agreed. I was afraid the constant sword wielding would tire my wrists but there was no such problem. We’ll probably see the wiimote controlling a sword without set patterns soon -I remember Silver and Die By The Sword were two old pc games that did the same thing with a mouse.

Wii will probably need more third party developers utilising its controls for new game ideas -and I suppose there can only be so many mini games- or fitting them to traditional game types a la Zelda. N’s first party titles will be great to play and game developers can get an idea or two from them but on their own won’t be enough.

They’ve mentioned that Super Mario Galaxy with have some multiplayer. But as of yet they’ve neglected to mention whether it’ll be like the good old days of playing Mario’s palette swaped brother through the game proper or will it be yet another incarnation of Mario Bros.

But that first one makes it all the more awesome.

That looks like shit!

adds to wish list

Really though, graphically, it just looks like a mario 64 with a fresh coat of paint. And I just realized, There’s only been THREE major mario games in the last 11 YEARS! Let’s compare that to the old days, where between the Nintendo and 64 there were what, 5? 5 games in 9 years verses 3 in 11? That’s sick. Instead they come out with all these shitty Sports games and party games and shit.

Don’t forget about the GBA rereleases.

Are you kidding? I’m assuming that the five games you’re talking about are the first three SMBs and the two SMWs. Well, between the 64 and now, you have SM64, SMS, Galaxy, Yoshi’s Island 2, and New Super Mario Bros. Even then, there were plenty of other Mario titles, that although you probably couldn’t call ‘major’, were still great games.

Only major Mario console games I ment SMB, 2, 3, World and Mario 64. Yoshi’s Island wasnt really a true mario game as he wasnt the main character.

I agree, but I would say that there have been 6 major Mario games since “New Super Mario Bros” is a normal continuation of the series.

I myself only count the games that were actually inovative. This does mean that I still count Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island as one of them instead of New Super Mario Bros.

But that’s me.

Someone understood Yoshi was the real star of the game. That somebody had a 2 year old son/daughter as well.

This is so awesome I’ll have to actually get my Super Mario rock opera off the school computers so I can edit it here at home. Mario deserves only the best.

And you open up a whole can of worms by doing so.