Time flies whey your're having fun

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been year a whole year already. There are just a couple things I want to say:

1.) I think this goes without saying but I thank Merlin, Cid, and all the others that help to keep this site going. I applaud all your hard work and hope it continues.

2.) I enjoyed meeting all of you (well almost everyone :hahaha; ) but I’m glad I met these people who are the closest that I call call “friennds” on the board: GG, PC, SS, and Omega.

3.) Like I said, meeting the abnormal masses here at RPGC has been great, but there are a few individuals who stick out and I encourage them never to lose their personality: Val, I remember our first encounter well (Bahamut still beats Alexander any day) Charl and TD, never lose your twisted senses of humor.

I think that’s about it. If I missed anybody, sorry. I will stress that this is NOT a question thread, if anybody has anything that is in the realm of decency to ask me, go ahead. I do ask all mods that if this tread gets out of hand, please lock it.

I hope to be around for another year of RPGC.

So, you’ve been here for a year. Wow. I wish I could think of something better to say but I really have to take a piss.
Congrats anyway.

What’s your favorite color? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on the year. I missed mine 2 weeks or so ago.

Wait, who the hell are you, again?

j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Kero Hazel
[b]Wait, who the hell are you, again?

j/k :stuck_out_tongue: [/b]

I’m not. Who the hell are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll never forget my anniversary here, since it’s exactly two days before my birthday.

Oh, and congrats, Xero. And remember, ALEXANDER WOULD KILL BAHAMUT!

Well done BX, and may many more years follow this one all filled with flagins of mead.
And I got to go with Val, Alexander would own Bahamut.
(My name being Alexander might not help in terms of bias :P)

Happy Aniversary, and I’m going with you on this one, BX. Bahamut could defeat Alexander without even trying.

I haven’t the faintest idea how long I’ve been here, except that it was after Jim got ousted and the AYBglish Saga in Online Life …

Happy anniversary :smiley:

Happy anniversary, hope yours is better than mine which was spent away from the boards.

Happy Anniversary! I’ve been staff here for over a year now, myself. 8)

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> your mom joke

A year? Weird, i remember you and it was about a year since i left. Congratulations.

Am I the only one who don’t make threads about milestones?

I haven’t had a milestone to make note of.

Originally posted by Nulani
Am I the only one who don’t make threads about milestones?

You’re death. You ARE the last milestone in a person’s life.

Originally posted by Phoenix Valkyrie
I haven’t had a milestone to make note of.

If all goes well, I’ll have plenty of reasons to celebrate soon! :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Nulani
Am I the only one who don’t make threads about milestones?

No, thank god :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Cala
[b]What’s your favorite color? :stuck_out_tongue:

Green. I like blue too, though.

Anyway, thanks all.