tickle fight part 2

Okay who would win in this round? Tifa or Scarlet of Shinra Inc. From Final Fantasy VII? Gives new meaning to mini games hun :)?

Heh. This is gonna be drowned in “I win” jokes. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, Tifa. She’s more used to using her hands.

True, but Scarlet, being the fancy gal she is, has nails, and Tifa has a [B convinently] bare tummy, and armpits. If either of those are her weak spots, she might have to hope she doesn’t pee her pants!

I can say beyond a doubt that I am currently fully aroused thanks to this topic.

You’re new so I guess it’s not too bad…but around here there’s a thing called “necroposting”…when you post on a thread that’s pretty old, it’s not against the rules but it annoy’s some people.

Anything beyond a couple of weeks is usually considered a necropost.

My bad, I didn’t take the time this thread was posted into account.