Tickle Fight #3

This is between Yuna, Paine, Maria from FF2, Celes from FF6, and Alma Beoulove, from Tactics. Who’d win this battle royale? Oh hell, let’s add Rogue from Legend of the Crystals FF anime too! okay now who’d win?

Paine, she would totaly overkill everyone of them.

Okay, I can’t really speak for the other girls, but I KNOW for a fact Celes would never participate. if you had just left her out, I might have been tolerant. As it is, this wins the “retarded thread of the day” award from me.

“retarded thread of the day” award from me.

Lmao nice going Val!

judging by his recent posts id say he LIKES his video games and anime a bit too much. harmless but funny.Paine would win, so Im not off topic.

How about Yuna summon Bahamut and watch it kill them all with Impulse. They’ll turn to dust and be swept away with the Northern Wind. Lol.

I dunno know who Rogue is, but I’m going with Paine. And I can’t help but agree with Valkyrie

What I want to know is, when did I miss Tickle Fight 1 and 2?

The first one was like two years ago, and the second one happened in last August.

editing what posts?

Just a retard troll at work here. Move along, people.