Tibia is a decent free mmorpg, and it has gasp a trading system :O, its like an rpg, only you can kill other players and loot bodies, on the condition you are at level8 (beware of there friends retaliating though) pretty fun.:hahaha;,

Edit: I’ve actually thought of getting a bunch of people together and forming a “mafia”, thus going around mobbing people on the mainland and dividing the loot, if anyone tries to get more than anyone else, they get mobbed by the others :D~~


Reminds me a little much of UO. I predict mass interest among the world, and then it will die out until no-one cares. Like GunBound. ;_;

i play that game sometimes but its too confusing to buy/sell for me and i dislike some other things in it

Naaaah. Tibia is getting on my nerves. Try playing Illarion.. Waaay better. And the best thing: it’s 100% lamer- free. :smiley:

“Illarion is a graphical medieval fantasy game that focuses on roleplaying, unlike other so-called rpg games such as Tibia and Runescape. This game is not about levelling up or hunting monsters. There is no global chat and no experience points. This game is about roleplaying, which means you interact with other people and your environment as if you were a person in a real medieval fantasy world. You are not supposed to say things that are out of context from your medieval fantasy character. Your character does not know words like “email”, “computer”, “lol”, or “u r here 4eva”. Any ooc talk should be kept to a minimum. If you want to play a game where the objective is to level up and kill things or gain as much skill as possible, then this is not the game for you. This game is recommended for ages 16 and over.”

Tibia is pretty cool, you can get unique weapons, and go on “quests”, and team up with buddys.

(This post was made in light of the recent inactivity in the pc games forum)

I play Tibia frequently. Only game I play. ;_;


Anarchy yoshi Hiberna quit btw :slight_smile:

Oh… well, congratulations of quitting such an addicting game. (I’ve been with Tibia for like, 2 years.)

sounds nice… i’ll czech it out sometimes (I’m sorry I just can’t help myself… Netherlands just beat Czech Republic with 2-0)

Spreekt u nederlands?

Ik ben spreken nederlands.

No, I’m not dutch. Oh, and about Illarion… I tried to join, but cannot get in? Wtf?

right… but daimn my cpu keeps locking up for no reason

yeah i tried to get in too i guess the same servers down right now,it sounds really good no br noobs trying to sell junky items all the time.

YM, what are you talking about? It seems like that came out of nowhere. Are you talking about Illarion?

not to offend, but this game looks terrible.

Isn’t tibia a bone in your leg?

Yeah, but it’s also the name of a MMORPG.

Izlude, which game? Illarion, or Tibia? They both have crappy graphics, but I think Tibia has better graphics. (Hard to judge, as I’ve only seen screenshots of Illarion, because THOSE DAMN STAFF THERE HAVENT SENT ME A CONFIRMATION EMAIL YET, IT’S BEEN OVER 2 WEEKS.)

Seeing as how the title of the thread is Tibia thats what I’d be talking about. I know the subject jumps off topic alot but when someone makes quick statements its safe to assume that they are talking about the game that was intended to be discussed in the thread.

im talking about illarion,it sounds like a nice rp experience rather then politics like tibia is :stuck_out_tongue: what server u on btw/name

On Tibia?

I got many names, but I’ll use my current; Faris Scherwiz the Pirate, on Rubera.

wow ur lvl 3 w00t