Tibia->Lottery on Rubera

I read the sticky on what not to be seen in this forum; and I cannot find rules against lottery advertisement/information, so here I go.

I’m currently sitting in Thais depot, on the third floor, on the bottom right hand corner. I’m trying different ways to return to Tibia, after leaving for 12 or so months. So, I decided on having a lottery. You’re all free to participate, hell, I might even give discounts.

The official thread for my lottery is here, it is hosted on the Tibia forums.

I’m also free for team-hunting if any of you are interested. :wink:

I don’t get what the hell it is you’re trying to propose. What is tibia. What is the lottery. What’s the point. What do you want? I’m killing your link until you explain yourself.

Tibia is a MMORPG. The lottery is a <s>scam</s> way to make money, and better your reputation in the community. Tibia is an awesome and addictive game, you should try it.

Not interested. You can post your link. Don’t bitch if no one joins in.

It’s okay if no one from here joins. As long as the word it out to the small amount on Tibia players on this forum. :stuck_out_tongue: